CarlosX360: BF3's 128 players is not overkill.

CarlosX360 writes: "I had some hands-on time with the Battlefield 3 Open Beta for PS3, so when I saw this article, the first thing that came out of my mouth is “That looks a lot more fun than having 32 players capped.” I am used to Call of Duty’s “find enemy x and kill” so this video makes the console versions pale in comparison to the PC version."

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ATi_Elite2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I wonder if DICE was holding back on 128 players for teh PC as some DLC or something seeing how it was so easily achieved and runs OK!

anyway I'm looking forward to 128 players on the HUGE conquest mode maps like Firestorm and Caspian!! Except for the lag on the Beta I've heard nothing but Joy and excitement about the 128 player hacked servers.

128 players is FRIGGIN awesome!

evrfighter2500d ago

caspian border imo would have been more better with 128.

actually the 80 player metro servers were pretty good too

xtreampro2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I would love to have an online match with 128 people, just imagine the chaos!

dark-hollow2500d ago

Can we have 32 players at least for consoles? ):

Hufandpuf2500d ago

then we'd have another Homefront (graphically) on our hands.

Corax2499d ago

I would want that too. Resistance 40 online was one of the highlights of the PS3 when it first came out. Resistance 2 was even better. Homefront didn't look bad it actually looked like COD the only flaw I saw that it was too easy to play I didn't feel challenged at all but I guess all the good players was holding out for BF3.

red2tango2499d ago

Homefront on sd looked atrocious

Corax2499d ago

@red2tango looked fine to me and I just played the demo of the game.

SH0CKW4VE2500d ago

So many for & against, why not just provide the option to customise your game DICE so we can have 128 players if we so wish or not.

Wouldnt that make sense?

Everybody wins.

ATi_Elite2499d ago

The Modders are gonna make it happen. I've already played several round during the Beta with 80 and 128 and it was pretty awesome.

I thought it would be a cluster glob but it wasn't. It actually made it more intense with constant fire fights breaking out all over the place.

128 player maps are just a nice change in pace especially for the HUGE Caspian or Firestorm maps which 128 will work fine! I played 128 on Caspian and it was awesome!

I think many people are thinking 128 players on small maps like Metro.....Umm No that would be a cluster glob!

DeadlyFire2499d ago

I think 64+ servers should be welcomed by DICE. Maybe they didn't plan for it, but its certainly something PC gamers wanna see happen. They will either submit to it or act like they don't see it.

peowpeow2499d ago

Agreed, smart thing to do would be to let people mod their servers if they want to include 64+ players. Everyone wins

Corax2499d ago

I think we saw in the video with 128 players on pc that it is over kill. So much overkill it was lagging all of the time if not, most of the time. If they do 32 on console that would be fine if not it's also fine I'm still gonna have fun on my PS3.