Forza 4 Review: The best racing sim on the market

Videogameszone reviewed Forza 4 for Xbox 360. "It's the best racing sim on the market - on every platform", the magazine writes.

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JellyJelly2478d ago

"It's the best racing sim on the market - on every platform".

Just accept it.

kikizoo2478d ago

Videogamezones, enough said...but if this makes fanboyz without best (and enough) exclusives happy, it's good for me :)

2478d ago
Bounkass2478d ago

Haha, have they driven all the cars in real life? I don't think so...

achmetha2478d ago

Trading in my ps3 and entire ps3 library for just this game.

Not really. Im going to continue to play dark souls and wait for forza 4 in the mail next week. And then get ratchet and clank a41 the following wk.

The Meerkat2478d ago

Yeah but, yeah but,yeah but GT5 has a better story.

kikizoo2478d ago

..+ better content, cars, resolution, graphics, used by real racers, etc


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