Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Update: First Screens

NowGamer's grabbed the very first screenshots of Gran Turismo 5's hotly-anticipated Spec 2.0 Update. Get in to gear!

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zeksta2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Ouch! That's a pretty bad looking interior view, almost reminds me of GT PSP's interior view.

Still, what we're getting in the pack is quite fankly amazing, I cannot wait for it! :D

EDIT: Yeah, I realize that I probably shouldn't say that, but let's face it, you can see how.. bad? It looks, although I hope they do update the steering wheel to at least a good looking 3D model.

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Peaceful_Jelly2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

edit: looks terrible but at least it's something right?

theonlylolking2543d ago

I find it funny how some peeps were like "LOL standard cars have no interior view". Now that standard cars have interior view they do not like it.

I think the word standard went right over their head and into the trash.

MaxXAttaxX2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

But haters like to turn something good into something bad all the time. No surprise.

ambientFLIER2543d ago

"I think the word standard went right over their head and into the trash."

The problem is, there should be only one class of cars, premium...none of this standard bullshit.

Larry L2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

They definitely have the one ripped right out of PSP, which is a bit lame. BUT don't ignore the fact that they didn't ALL look like that. I'm pretty impressed by the fact that this new in car camera system for standard cars DOES take the actual car model into account, and seems to use that car models on screen when applicable. Aside from being not highly detailed, the in-car views from the Caterham (sp?) and that LeMans cars look like properly modeled interiors. Steering wheels and all. I'm expecting this "car-model icluded in-car view" on all open cockpit vehicles based on these images. Should be cool on the Tank Car. I'm interested to see how convertible regular cars look. 1st thing I do is going to be checking out my convertible Vettes and Cobras. I have a feeling alot of standard cars are going to look pretty impressive with this new view. Almost like they have proper interiors.

I'm PRAYING that weather will be available on more tracks, but I have a feeling this instant weather adjustment is just going to be on the tracks that already have weather.

Edit- Now we just need info on the expansion. But the fact is the update alone is pretty exciting. The update alone would get me back in the game......I hope the expansion adds alot in the way of tracks.

DigitalAnalog2544d ago

I'm pretty sure Kaz must be pretty ticked off after the numerous complaints of having no interiors on non-premimium cars. Since the original cars were simply ported from the PS2, likewise the interiors must be of the same quality. The biggest mistake he has done was to introduce the non-premium cars into the game. He could've just added that as an extra feature for fan service. But what can I say, I'm pretty sure he has put just as much dedication to the PS2 era that he's willing not to let it go.

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fastrez2544d ago

Looks good. Will be getting this update and Forza 4 though. Both excellent titles.

skyward2544d ago

Photos with Avatars? Nascar? Not too bothered. Gimme Weather controls and improved AI though...

Feckles2544d ago

Kia cee'd and the Top Gear track is all I need. No? Oh.

Unaffected2544d ago

Whats up with the looking interior?

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