RAGE is creatively and mechanically bankrupt, but it sure is pretty

RAGE does a few things right. The game runs on the id Tech 5 engine, and it's absolutely beautiful. PC copies of the game haven't been unlocked yet—Ars will have coverage later—but on the 360 the game is an absolute stunner. The engine handles internal and wide open areas with ease, with a solid frame rate and only a little texture pop-in after Ars installed the game on the 360's hard drive. The racing sections and minigames are fun.

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PCRockStar2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I'm really enjoying it. Good stuff Id!
Poor review. Missed out on many factors related to the game.

StanLatMarveldotCom2543d ago

I almost let many of these negative reviews keep me from picking up this game but Gametrailers has one of the best reviews of this game. It's spot on.

guitarded772543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

I got it in the mail today and it's been good so far... the only issues I've seen are texture pop in and some load time (not too bad), after a 7+ gb install I expected it to be a bit faster, but nothing game breaking. I think GT, Gamespot and IGN have all been fair to the game... I thought it was funny that GT's gripes (voice acting/script) were Gamespot's praises. Just goes to show reviews are subjective, I just pay attention to the performance aspects of the reviews.

JaredH2543d ago

The game kind of reminds me of Jak 3 on ps2. The racing, upgrades and desert setting all remind me of it and I'm not completely sure why. I am liking the game though.

inveni02542d ago

I like that the game is so pretty, and I love the hit reactions on the enemies. The AI is fair, but not perfect, and I'm a little puzzled that there are absolutely NO environmental physics in the game. It is all very static, and that tends to pull me out. The environments don't seem very alive, either. When I was being driven to the first settlement, I kept thinking, "Oh, look...everyone is just standing there, waiting for me to come over and push the action button." It just doesn't suck me into the world.

However, the way this game looks is how Fallout 3 SHOULD HAVE looked...

da_2pacalypse2542d ago

I'm loving this game. Not only is it probably the best graphics I've seen on this generation consoles, but the gameplay is also very fun, along with the fact that there is tons of side quests. I wish there was story co op though. nevertheless, this is a poor review

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Gamer-Z2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )


Yeah I like Gametrailer's reviews, i find their reviews to be reasonable and not as biased as some of the other guys.

Christopher2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I just want to reply to one item from the article.

*** The Authority seems to be bad, and no one has really explained why, but that's fine; you seem perfectly content to just slaughter whoever your new friends tell you deserves death.***

I just started the game and had my first talk with Phallinx Hagar. And what does he say (approximately)? "Your that Ark feller? Haven't seen much of other Ark survivors since the Authority came around and started killing them all."

Color me f'n surprised, but when there's a group of people specifically killing other Ark survivors, you sure as heck can bet I don't give a rats arse what they think and I'll kill them whenever I get the chance.

And this is barely 5 minutes into the game. I'm told straight from the get-go that, hey, these people like killing you type of people. Sounds like enough motive.

Perhaps they don't build upon it enough for the author, but if I can get that much in only 5 minutes...

Neoninja2543d ago

I like many feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but darn dude! I agree that its not so much of a story, and it is more linear than what I expected, but other than that I think its a pretty good game. The review also didn't mention key things like gunplay, animation, enemy ai, etc. By no means a skip in my opinion, but you know that old saying.

Godmars2902543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

What you bring up leans towards the "it sure is pretty" part of his opinion.

One thing I'd like to know, as someone who's never been a Rage fan, is are there only human enemies? No animals?

You mean the *HUMAN* shaped mutants? The ones in the trailer that are a few stories tall?

Just saying, as much of an issue has been made of textures, just looking at trailers I can see that Borderlands and Fallout have more monster verity.

Neoninja2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

As far as I'm aware the closet thing to animal enemies would be mutants. They come in a few different variations.

Its more than just human shaped mutants. I don't want to give too much away do to spoilers, but all the mutants were humans at one point I believe.

Borderlands and Fallout definitely have more variety!

STK0262543d ago

Borderlands having more variety in enemies? There were like 10 enemy types in Borderlands, maybe less, all they did is change their colour, their size and added some prefix or suffix to the name to make you realize it's not the same enemy you fought 5 hours earlier in the game.

And, while I respect your opinion, I'd much rather have humanoid enemies rather than having yet another game ruined by non human enemies (Psi-Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy immediately comes to mind).

Thecraft19892543d ago

Sometimes I wonder if some of these reviewers bother playing for more than a few hours.

HowarthsNJ2543d ago

It seems this reviewer played it to the end on 360 and then will play through the PC version.

It's just one opinion, but I found it useful.

I'll read another one to hear about the good things.

Bolts2543d ago

I will LOL when the PC reviews come out. The game is buggy to point of unplayable for some people. Thankfully the issue seems to be mostly driver related with a few optimization needed here and there.

ezcex2543d ago

So this game is like a graphical borderlands.

ZugZug II2543d ago

why does everyone say this?

It's not even remotely close to borderlands, besides the post apocalyptic setting.

Ch1d0r12542d ago

Don't compare this garbage to borderlands. All that hype for this game and it turned out to be another pathetic shooter.

Eiffel2542d ago

@Ch1d0r1 I think it's fair to set it higher than Borderlands, that game was boring as a singleplayer and repetitive as a shooter, and the quests? MY god, felt like Gearbox didn't even care.

I'll be avoiding the sequel like the plague. One of my most regrettable purchases this gen.

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