DC Universe Online: Countdown to ‘Free to Play’ Week 1 (Character Creation)

Looking forward to DCUO being free to play, but baffled by the whole concept of a console based MMO? Well worry no more, as The Gaming Review guide you through the early stages in a weekly countdown to the launch of the free version of DC Universe Online!

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BigDan802508d ago

Cracking idea, tried the beta and was totally baffled so this'll be handy when it becomes free :)

yesmynameissumo2508d ago

They may get $15 from me...once. Loved the beta and love this going F2P on a console.

sammykiernan2508d ago

Yeah enjoyed the beta too, going to bookmark that article and check back nearer the time it goes free :-)

iXenon2508d ago

My subscription just expired on Sunday, but I will resubscribe because.

1. I love the game
2. The Legendary plan is the sure way to play this game.

DaTruth2508d ago

Another thing to add to my $60 tally!(DCUO DLC) Still blown away by the fact that the only time I ever plan to spend $60 or anywhere near that is the month where you get a $10 bonus!

Crysis, RE4(lucky I held out), Rentals(no more Blockbuster) and Infamous DLC.