The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Rebirth 1.2 Mod Released

From "Welcome to Morrowind Rebirth, the ultimate Morrowind experience! Morrowind Rebirth is a huge mod that will transform Vvardenfell into something very special, a world full with detail & life.".

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Tainted Gene2545d ago

Where is the download link?

Tony P2545d ago

That yellow bar with the words "Download now!"

Sobari2545d ago

That's too complex for him to understand.

Tony P2545d ago

I appreciate the post, but a criticism is due:

Make an actual news item out of it. This is basically a link to a mod with no real attempt made to summarize it to readers.

I'm not knocking it, but presentation and context are important.

Like this:

Similar story but with background info and why the news item is relevant.

Anyway, thanks to the submitter for the update.