The Battlefield 3 Beta Is Called a Beta Because It Is A Beta, Dummy

SG - I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a trial version of this game called Battlefield 3 available on Xbox LIVE, PC and the PlayStation Network. It’s really good and you can shoot people in it, apart from the bits where you get kicked out of games, somebody shoots you from underground or your soldier doesn’t actually reload his weapon when topping up his ammo.

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Twizlex2356d ago

Beta does not equal demo. Trufax.

deadpoole2356d ago

New book released: What is Beta for Dummies.

Angrymorgan2356d ago

Ooh it's a BETA,
Thanks for clearing that up. =)

ATi_Elite2356d ago

Yeh you stupid uneducated not too smart opposite of genius, certified dummy.

SilentNegotiator2356d ago

ONE month old? OH MY! It must be a completely different game by now!

Errors need to be reported. If DICE had already fixed the major errors a week before releasing 4 week old build beta, for a game due in a month.....then they may as well have delayed the already late beta by a week, renamed it to "demo", and then apologists wouldn't have to be screaming to the mountain tops that it was an "old" build, and DICE wouldn't have gotten so much bad publicity.

ATi_Elite2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

It's not a DEMO!!!

It's a BETA...why? SO DICE can test the servers!!

And no one cares about COD fanboys complaining as they just wanna bash BF3 anyway they can which seems to be the only people bashing the BETA. A beta is supposed to be Buggy, laggy and not run smooth cause it's not the FINAL build.

People complaining about a BETA is beyond stupidity. It's not like you paid for's not like it's a retail release with issues like RAGE, Black-Ops, or MW3 in a few weeks! It's a BETA being used to test SERVERS.

I'm sure DICE knocked out most of the bugs during the limited ALPHA!! besides why would DICE put out a final build to test the servers as that would not make sense...why cause then the final build would be hacked before release.

Hence they used an OLD BUILD to BETA test the SERVERS to protect the final build!! Jesus H FN. Christ.....Less complaining and more thinking then maybe more people would understand this! But some people just wanna bash BF3 no matter what!! BF3 has been so dominate since that 30 second teaser that this Beta is the first thing they could bash!!

OMG! Bugs, Lag, Glitches, it's the worse BETA ever!!!! run for the Hills BF3 is gonna suck!

I'm starting to feel happy that so many people are complaining and canceling their BF3 pre-orders cause that will make for a better time playing BF3 with BF Veterans instead of a bunch of casuals and N0obs. So for everyone complaining about a BETA...Good don't buy it, stay off the BF3 servers on OCT 25th and have fun with MW3!

Battlefield since 1942!

SilentNegotiator2356d ago

They aren't even using the full amount of players possible in the PC version of the beta, so they aren't exactly doing a great job stress testing the servers.

The beta released so late, it's more of a publicity thing now. I'm calling bull on their assertion that they already fixed all of the big problems in the few weeks between the "old" beta build and the latest. If it were that simple, they could have just waited a little longer, fixed all of the issues, then released the beta to test the servers, and not given their latest a bad reputation.

Ghoul2356d ago


me too bf vet since 1942 beta.

all you whiners PLEASE leave the game and play cod.
it will be so much better for us if you spare us with mic spamm constant whining and codlike behaviour.

cant wait for 25th

rataranian2356d ago

Ohhhhhhhh ok. Gotcha. ...So why does it suck?

rataranian2356d ago

"cause it's a beta you big dummy!"
The full game will rock tho. Can't wait.

pr0digyZA2356d ago

The way you replied to yourself makes it look like you have two accounts but forgot to change it.

SITH2356d ago


Account switch fail.

FrightfulActions2356d ago

Jesus guys, can't you spot a joke? Its not a account switch fail. he was making fun of how everyone will be replying to his question. Do you not see the quotation marks. Lay off. Back to subject: If you don't like the beta, don't play it and wait for the full game. Beta doesn't translate to demo - a misunderstanding that a lot of children seem to have. Not such a bad thing though, maybe this will send them back to screaming on their mics in COD and keep them out of BF3. If that was the case, a buggy BETA is definitely worth the sacrifice. Haha.

pr0digyZA2356d ago

Not a very good joke if 13 people didn't get it.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2356d ago

Beta or not, it was still a bad move from DICE. The majority of the people dont give a sh*t about that if it was a true beta, they're just trying out BF3 to see if they like it.

Now they've alienated some people away from the game and they've lost sales. It would of been a better move to do a private beta, but then they wouldnt get the publicity, which, I think, was the aim from DICE in the first place

ATi_Elite2356d ago

2 million people played the BC2 Beta and it has sold/shipped over 9 million units.

12 million people have played the BF3 beta so DICE/EA are on the right track.

for every 1 person not impressed i'm sure there are 3 people who are very happy with BF3. PLUS people like myself who are BF Veterans and are buying the game without participating in the Beta.

People are not happy with bF3 cause it's not a casual game like COD......BF3 requires skill!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2356d ago

Battlefield doesn't take any skill. I'm a long time COD player and this is the first BF game I've ever played. I've played really good in the demo so far, and had a game of 28-23 with 5301 points. This is the buggiest beta I've every played.. and crap like this ruins the casuals experience.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2356d ago

"people are not happy because its not a casual game like cod"

speaking for the majority? i bet that most of the players will have known what type of game battlefield id by now and what they were getting into.

so dont make that poor excuse for a beta that was riddled with bugs and glitches. some people who would have bought the game have gone away from it and they also got bad publicity from this.

"BF3 requires skill" - lol

ATi_Elite2356d ago

Good i'm glad you had a terrible experience with go back to playing COD and please stay off the BF3 servers when BF3 comes out!

Looking at the BF3 BETA from a different angle, I'm glad so many Casual COD gamers are complaining. BF3 is gonna suck so please go buy COD and STAY OFF the BF3 servers so us BF veterans can enjoy our game without so many noobs running around.

some of you have some nerve to complain about a BETA when MW2 and black-ops still to this day have Lag, hack, and Bug issues! PC Devs have the luxury to put out a Beta of what ever version they want while collecting data and fixing the gold build.

Ahh the key word..Gold Build...which this BETA is not. Anyway I'm exhausted from trying to explain what a Beta is to a bunch of COD fans who just wanna bash BF3 anyway they can. Fine by me just remember on Oct 25th DO NOT BUY BF3 cause the Beta is so laggy, buggy...oh and have fun with CODMW1 version 4.0.

radphil2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

"Battlefield doesn't take any skill. I'm a long time COD player and this is the first BF game I've ever played. I've played really good in the demo so far, and had a game of 28-23 with 5301 points"

Doesn't mean crap on many modes, like rush for example. You could have a 50-0 KD, and STILL lose.

It's about team work, not rambo time.

Ghoul2356d ago


you totally misunderstood how bf works

you are so damn to the point.


if you dont squad up with the classes you can have the best skilled shooters available and still loose against a organised team with class support.

but who am i talking to ???

cod does only shooting nothing else no need for anything except working on your aiming skills.

because in COD every player is an egoist.

i hate cod for that its basicly only teamdeathmatch every map noone cares about the other because everyone is on a stats hunt.

why help your collegue that had a 9 kill spree instead of letting him die in the open, that way you can become the leaderboard top player more easily

in cod you get rewarded for egoism
in bf you get punished for it by constantly loosing.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2356d ago

@radphil and @Ghoul

No.. I understand perfectly what it's about. That's not an impressive K/D ratio I put up.. but the points were. I'll link you to my site where I put the picture up. As you'll see, the guy on top of the scoreboard had 46 kills... and I had 28, yet I was only 400 or so points behind him because I was planting bombs and NOT going rambo for kills. here's the link.

I know perfectly well what I'm supposed to do in Rush mode. Doesn't change the fact that this game takes "skill" to play, and COD doesn't. That's just plain wrong.

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JellyJelly2356d ago

I could swear it was a demo. /s

grailly2356d ago

maybe it's called a beta because it's easier to call it a beta? bugs get overlooked and such.

uncharted 3's release multiplayer release is also called a beta, but it's the finished multiplayer we are playing, just sayin'

ATi_Elite2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

DICE has said repeatedly that this is a BETA! a Beta of an OLD VERSION!! They are using this Beta of an old version to make more optimizations, fix bugs, and test servers!

They didn't want the Gold version tested cause they didn't want the final version out early with hackers ripping it up and they also have some surprises in store for the final release!

Only consolers have issues with this Beta.....meanwhile PC Gamers know that a Beta with bugs is no big deal cause it's just a BETA!!

grailly2356d ago

the argument is about the release being a demo called beta rather than a beta... Of course it's not the full game!

do you think after all those bugs DICE would come out and say: " yep that's what you're gettin''"

even if there were using some old version of the game how dumb is that, every body is complaining about hit detection, buttons not working and falling through the map. How will they fix minor details nobody in the beta cares about right now because they're drowned out by other "game breaking bugs"?

and I heard a few journalist saying that the game is rushed and I absolutely believe them. They have to release the game before MW3.

That said, I'm still getting the game, it does a lot right - the suppression mechanic is awesome and the shooting feels so right - just not on day 1

Waddy1012356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

@grailly Really? The game is rushed, that's funny considering that it's been in development for over 2 years (The average development cycle of a COD game).

grailly2356d ago


yes for a COD (imagine it written really, really big) game. those games are spat on time and time again for not being innovative, using the same engine and being buggy as hell!
so 2 years for an innovative game with a new engine is kinda short

Waddy1012356d ago

@grailly Dude i said over 2 years, Battlefield 3 has been in development for 3+ at least. Also if you have actually played the beta in the last 2 days almost all of the 'big' bugs have been fixed.
Anyway the beta itself isn't about testing out the game it's about testing out the Server back-ends.

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jamstorr862356d ago

why do people such as yourself keep on insisting that there is some big conspiricy? Its a computer game for christ sake.
DICE and EA know this game will sell, and yes they have hyped it up like smeg. But they have said, and said again and again, that this is a BETA.

So why miss-trust them? What jave they got to gain from calling this a BETA instead of a Demo? The game on relase day will be the same, regardless, except with some server fine tuning, and the realse will not be a BETA. Then and only then can we make our judgement.

Would you judge a painting before it was finshed? Or a book before the end was written?

grailly2356d ago

who talked about a conspiracy? it's just basic PR...

what they gain is people like you saying it's a beta and bugs are normal.
yes, we'll judge on release

gamingdroid2356d ago

That is what I have been saying, the Uncharted 3 beta was way more polished months ahead of release.

Then you got BF3, hyped to oblivion with PC footage and fanboys going hysteric. Then a "beta" is released 4 weeks from game actual release that NOT only does NOT meet the hype (far from it), but with massive number of bugs. Dice then claim it is a month old build.

You can call it what you want (alpha, beta, demo, trial), but we all know 6 weeks from going to Gold your product ain't looking good compared to the competition!

grailly2356d ago

6 weeks from releasing, that's about 2 weeks from going gold, sadly

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