Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Improvements

Not being a massive Modern Warfare fan myself (Despite pouring hundreds of hours into the title, as most of us have) I wanted to try and focus on the multiplayer improvements which IW have confirmed for MW3. This is an objective look at lessons they have learned and ways they will tackle previous issues.

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Dazel2509d ago

What with the BF3 beta being such a let down let's hope this works, was really hoping to avoid yet another CoD game.

fingersports2509d ago

Don't write off BF3 because of one map, technically you have seen no team play or squad based cooperation yet. That's the whole point of Battlefield! Agreed DICE picked the worst map to use for Beta but the game will not dissapoint!

princejb1342509d ago

thats the thing about battlefield i loved the beta and im buying the full game but
im scared of the team play
while i was playing the beta most of the stuff i had to do by myself cause some idiots was all the way in the back camping and spinning in place
without team play is pretty much useless to win most of the game modes
while in call of duty all you need is 1 really good person to win it for you the majority of the time

fingersports2509d ago

While I agree with you, is winning what you are playing for? Or are you playing to enjoy the game?

I'll get both games, and play both games differently. Good time for gaming?

princejb1342509d ago

im very competitive i got them from my sports side so i enjoy games but i mostly enjoy it when im winning not as much when im losing

InTheLab2509d ago


Why enter competitive multiplayer if winning is not your priority?

fingersports2509d ago

@InTheLab It was a genuine question, I think if you read what I said again I enjoy both aspects, teamplay and winning and will play both games accordingly.

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farhad2k82509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

One map? Have you been on Caspian Border lately? Tanks have become jets, literally. They fly in the air like a helium balloon.. and then drop so fast like a.. well.. tank?

Fact of the matter is, this Beta was released so late in comparison to other betas, such as Uncharted 3 MP Beta. They did such a good job, and DICE failed.
The game will definitely go Gold in the next 5 days. Thus meaning, that DICE have either created the most buggy game of all time, or day 1- there will be a HUGE update.

I'm pretty sure that if they can't fix ONE map for the beta, then the rest of them are fucked, and 'Operation Metro' is a small map compared to the others.

I'm still going to buy the game on day one, call me a hypocrite all you like, I'm just stating the flaws of this game, really hope DICE/EA pull them selves together and release a good game.

I'll also be purchasing MW3, all they have to do is create a good experience in the first week, no lag, no connection issues, no overpowered perks/guns..
Then they can win over the BF3 players who switched from CoD.

I'll be purchasing them both anyway. LOL

Mikeyy2505d ago

I always find it funny that Patching the game is such a struggle for Infinity Ward? They make a big deal out of it, how it supposedly sits with Sony/Microsoft for a month being "Q&A'ed" and what, while other games seem to be able to release patches on a whim? Even Black Ops, Treyarch seems to be immune to these issues Infinity Ward seems to face..

Unable to Patch weapon balance before? What? Treyarch did it, a Patch can do this with any game ever made..