“No-one talks about Swedish game design for Battlefield 3″ so why do it with Japan? - Team Ninja dev

“There is pressure from Western media to fetishise and compartmentalise Japanese games as just “Japanese” and therefore different from everything else,” says Team Ninja’s Peter Garza – and the Ninja Gaiden 3 man feels that the press wouldn’t treat games from any other country the same way.

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omi25p2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Japanese games are different to other games, They are bright colourful games with men that dress metrosexual, strange cute animals and the gameplay is usually quite child friendly.

I.E Mario,Zelda. Most "western" games are dark, gory and about war and fighting

pangitkqb2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Never thought of it in the way Peter Garza put it, but ya, I think he has an interesting point.

If a game is awesome, who cares what country it came from? Does something really need to be defined and separated that way? Perhaps there is value in discerning typical styles simply for consumer awareness - because there are notable common differences between Western and Japanese games - but I'm not sure.

SolidSystem2270d ago

I think it does matter where it comes from to a degree. some people might not like Japanese food, but love french food. we all have tastes, and while every dish in France might not appeal to someones tastes, its a style people can identify with.

Japense games tend to have a certain characteristic to them, which isnt bad or good, its up to the individual persons tastes.

gamingdroid2270d ago

Well, I think that game developed in Japan is significantly different than games developed in Russia, Poland and Sweden.

In fact, the latter three European (or most European) countries could be confused with an American developed game. There is no mistaking that, but games from Japan definitely has it's own flair even when they try to be Westernized so it is no wonder it gets that kind of focus.

Heartnet2269d ago

Doesnt matter where a game is made lol at all.. if Ninja Theory were to move to japan would they then be making japanese games? hell no...

different countries make a variety of different games lol.... Matters on the developer no the country.. a game could be made in russia and be the exact same game as one made in japan... saying its different is a purly in the mind

malol2269d ago

Well that's because Japaneses games are just so Japaneses


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MrDead2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Japanese games have a good mix of gaming for young and old. Resident Evil and other survival horror series, Yakuza, Demon's Souls, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo and Endless fighting games.

TheGameFoxJTV2270d ago

Even the Wii has No More Heroes 1 and 2...

Peaceful_Jelly2270d ago

Those are the kind of japanese games that I like, where everybody and everything fits the world perfectly. Yakuza has some fan-service and quirky stuff but it's all cool and the same with Bayonetta.

Now that I think about it, I think that what I'm talking about below are just japanese "rpg" cliches. XD

Peaceful_Jelly2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

yeah man when you play a japanese game you can spot it right away because of its quirkiness unlike Battlefield 3 (Swedish), FEAR (Russian) or Witcher (Poland).

I do really hate how ridiculous is the game design of japanese games sometimes like for example: FFXIII-2. Noel is a metrosexual indian-dressed ninja and Serah is a Victoria Secret model in a one piece dress with some weird animal that transform into a bow. That's just not believable enough for me to not think about it and just enjoy the game. They are so out of place within their own world it's crazy. Right now I'm playing "Odin Sphere" and while the game is very quirky and niche the character design and everything else fits the world perfectly. The same with all the FF games prior FFX. There are a couple of exceptions like Tifa's ridiculous outfit but nothing serious like the mini-skirt of Lighting even thought she's a "soldier" or Snow calling himself a "hero" like a kid in a Disney movie.

Heartnet2269d ago

i wouldnt say Demons souls or dark souls was particulary quirky and could of been easily made by a western developer...

picking out soloey RPGS such as final fantasy and then basing that game on the entire country is just narrow mindedness

Optical_Matrix2269d ago

You left out Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Ico, Shadow of The Colossus, Forbidden Siren, Mad World.....plenty of gory, dark games in Japanese culture. I'd argue that character/setting and artistically, Japanese are far more creative. Where as western devs are better on the technical sides of things. That's just my opinion. But to label all Japanese games in a certain light based on 2 NINTENDO franchises is ridiculous.

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SolidSystem2270d ago

1. I cant tell a Swedish game from other nations games.
2. there probably arnt enough swedish games for people to see a trend in game design.

everyone points to Japanese vs Western design for instance. so could one argue that people are not targeting just japan? there's that other group the "western" group.

Hufandpuf2270d ago

Very rarely do we see games from Sweden. Right now only BF and mine craft comes to mind in the average gamer. It's much easier to examine Japanese game design because there are so many of them.

Sizzon2270d ago

Bionic Commando
Just Cause
Just Cause 2
Terminator Salvation: The video game
The Battlefield series
This new Syndicate FPS game

all are Swedish made :) I'm from sweden btw :p little proud of DICE.

SolidSystem2270d ago

I didnt realize all of those were all Swedish. which furthers the point, we don't have enough and they don't seem to follow any sort of trend/similar flavor.... other than being fun.

theonlylolking2270d ago

Out of all of those released or to be released this year only battlefield and just cause series are good.

evrfighter2270d ago

You have every right to be proud of DICE. Those guys are outdoing legions of developers working on cod.

Ocelot5252270d ago

add the darkness to that list

humbleopinion2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Add to that list:
World in Conflict and Ground Control series (Massive)
Riddick, The Darkness (Starbreeze)
GTR and Race series (SimBin)
Penumbra, Amnesia (Frictional Games)
Hearts of Iron, King Arthur, Mount & Blade etc (Paradox)
Ilomilo, R-Type and Lode Runner XBLA remakes (SouthEnd)
Mirror's Edge (Dice)

Atcually, The entire Nordic game deveopment scene is pretty active (Norway, Sweden and Finland) and has some of the most capable developers. But since the culture is not that different from the rest of the western world it's hard to find distinguishing points and most people will not be able to tell that a game was actually developed in a Nordic country and not in another western country.
But for japan it's entirely different: You will alsmot always be able to tell that a game is either Japanes or a Japanese tribute. Even when they try to develop "westernized" games, the games tend to scream "Japanese".

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VampiricDragon2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )


1) It helps people falsely generalize

2) It allows people to fight

3) It allows people to hate

aka just a normal day on the internet

Eromu2270d ago

It's not a derogatory label or anything it's just that traditionally Japanese games have unique characteristics compared to their western counterparts.

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