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Chrono Trigger and Tomba sequel out in Japan today on PSN

Players in Japan are being treated to Chrono Trigger and Tomba: The World Adventure which is out today on PSN. (PS3, Tomba!)

Dart89  +   935d ago
Man i love both these games come on Sony get your act together and bring these to the west.
NeoBasch  +   935d ago
Jealous. :'(
e-p-ayeaH  +   935d ago
Legendary gamer games
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r21  +   935d ago
i bloody loved tomba :D
newn4gguy  +   935d ago
Tomba and Tomba 2 are very expensive. I would love to see them released on the US PS Store.
Ultr  +   935d ago
floetry101  +   935d ago
I played the Tomba demo for more hours than most games. Unbelievable game.
Lirky  +   935d ago
Saga frontier square soft rpg is on japanese psn store... it also should come to u.s. psn and other psns regionally.

Japan gets more exclusive psone titles over all areas since playstation's hq seems to be soley in japan.
Arnagrim  +   935d ago
Tomba! 2 was sooooooo good. Seriously Sony, throw the NA PSN a bone with the PS1 classics.
Der_Kommandant  +   935d ago
Time to move to Japan
Magnus  +   935d ago
Never played Tomba I'd give it a shot I wish they would hurry up with Chrono Trigger for NA I wouldn't mind if they brought over the old Squaresoft fighting game Erghiz I think it's called could never could get the title right but it's a fighting game that has some FF7 characters in it. Wouldn't mind playing that
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