Xbox Live needs to learn from OnLive - or risk falling behind

Andy Robinson writes:There are a number of convenient similarities between OnLive's Dashboard and the back-end designed for Xbox 360.

First of all, it's got the same name; the word 'Dashboard' - virtually coined by Microsoft for the original Xbox, with the always-modest logic of the Xbox launch team being that it'd share the performance of a high-end sports car.

'Marketplace' too is the destination for purchasing games on both Microsoft and OnLive's online platforms, and the latter has rightly made sure it's got all the friend lists, player profiles and chat options gamers have come to expect as well.

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fluffydelusions2523d ago

I'm sorry what? XBL is actually successful, Onlive not so much.

gogospeedracer2522d ago

The same could be said about PSN or are you saying that PSN is too far behind to even catch up?

bacrec12522d ago

I agree with the article. Anyone that's legitimately used the service I think will too.