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GameDynamo - "When I sat down to give Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer a run through at the Call of Duty XP 2011 in Los Angeles, I was bearing all this in mind. For those COD junkies, the new multiplayer will not have any major surprises; visually and in terms of gameplay, it’s very similar to COD 4. So, we’re still looking at great graphics and all the explosions and bloodshed fans have come to expect from the COD series. What will have players taking sides are some of the new additions intended to make the game more user-friendly for unseasoned competitors."

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SLLCKGT2655d ago

Can't tell if thats a screen shot of COD4 or MW3

NuclearDuke2655d ago

Can't tell if worried about BF3 sales or worried about BF3 sales. I think i'll go with option 1.

SLLCKGT2654d ago

Could care less about sales. I find it funny how games like Killzone, Uncharted and even your Gears look better with each new addition, yet a game that comes out annually that makes over a billion dollars each can't even move up the bar on the graphics since 2007. But I guess I should blame gamers like you instead of the company that buy it which says its ok I'll buy anything with COD on the cover. I'll pass on this at launch, KZ3 R3 BF3 and UC3 are good enough shooters for me this year.

MrGunny942655d ago

If BF3 sales go as planned this will be a awesome winter