Online passes 'devalue' consumers, says store owner

PSU: The battle between game publishers and used videogame retailers is nothing new -- it’s been going on for years now, and remains a highly publicised affair. However, something that has materialised only recently as far as the arsenal of game publishers go is the online pass.

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JeffGUNZ2390d ago

DLC is optional. You don't need to purchase any DLC to complete a game. Some people like to expand their experience with sidequests, more campaign, more maps, etc. If the consumer thinks it's a justifiable purchase, then they will purchase it. Simple as that.

I don't know about you people, but I have never been forced to purchase a DLC and any DLC I didn't want, I didn't purchase.

Some people out there make it sound like developers are coming to their houses and threatening their lives if they don't purchase DLC.

Agriel2390d ago

Online Pass is for Multiplyer online, not DLC, at least as far as this article goes.

Getowned2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

i got a used copy(at best buy)of Mass effect 2..didn't know at the time there was any dlc that came with it because well i never looked it up and i only got the used copy because there where no new copys and so i even asked the guy if there was any dlc for this game that you didn't get in the used copy and he said no..and as it turns out i never got the commic because of it and i was kinda pissed because if i knew the commic wasn't allready on the disk then i would of just got the steam version for 19$ and not pay 34.99 for the used ps3 fault i guess for not reading into it but it's bull shit.were geting less content and paying more this gen and geting ripped off with over priced dlc it's sad.

any time a game comes with dlc or some thing stupid even when i buy it new! the damn dlc/pass never works!!! and it's always a EA game that gives me problems i got rock band 2 DLC never worked had to get a new code,BFBC2 Vip code never worked,ME2 didn't know it had a dlc that came with it or i would of waited and gotten it new also would of been nice if it said any thing about it on the cover! if i can avoid a game with a pass or some sort of code i will maybe i just have bad luck idk.

gamingdroid2390d ago

The difference is, for some games (and some people) the multi-player part comprises more than half the game.

Either way, as this guy said, the used stores just adjust for the online pass, and to the unknown person, the used copy actually now seems more appealing due to the lower price. Less people will be playing the game and overall, the community and consumers are hurt.

Nothing good comes out of Online Passes, beyond publishers getting a bigger cut and have bigger control over their consumers.

Enjoy it though!

AstroZombie12390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Pot calling the kettle black much?, pre-owned games from retailers are the reason this was brought in ffs.

archemides5182390d ago


down with gamestop

Saryk2390d ago

The whole subject versus used games are flawed. This is a nickle and dime catch only.

Getowned2390d ago

exactly!! but with all this extra money they are getting,you think we could get larger games with alot more content but we don't like with call of duty Acti makes MILLIONS of Millions on cod yet now instead of giveing us a content rich game they are makeing you pay for COD elite!...ughh.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

And where exactly does it say you NEED to pay for COD elite? you really dont, its an optional feature.

You just sound like another person whos jumped on the COD hate bandwagon because its now "cool" to do so.

And how does this article refer to COD in anyway? go be a fanboy elsewhere.

divideby02390d ago

online passes is designed for increasing sales and has no benefit to us poor gamers who buy games.

renting games is great, but with the online pass the big companies have won the battle over rentals.

I am buying way less games now and renting just SP games

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