Sony Reveal PS VITA Camera Specs

Sony have revealed details including the amount of megapixels and the video recording capabilities that will be featured in there next handheld the PS VITA

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NukaCola2671d ago

Wow. That's pretty good. The quality of picture on the screen will work very well, but the augmented reality is were the cam really shines. 120 frames...That beats Kinect right there in the augmented reality department.

kwyjibo2671d ago

It beats Kinect in the augmented reality department because it's augmented reality and not just your augmented living room. It's portable, it's that simple.

No one who has ever done augmented reality has ever given a toss about 120fps.

MaxXAttaxX2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

That's really not that bad such tiny lenses.

ABizzel12671d ago

I was expecting more, maybe 5mp 7.1mp, or 8mp like most smart phones nowadays, but like everyone's saying it's for gaming not a digital camera replacement. But still it would have been great if it was.

MasterCornholio2671d ago


Holy crap that looks amazing. Especially when they made a coffee mug overflow with water. This SmartAR tech makes Nintendo AR look like crap.

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Dramscus2671d ago

I'm excited for the AR games. Overly so, that graffiti app looked pretty neat. I hope there are lots more that involve it. They will probably bring invizimals back, I doubt it'll compete with pokemon but if they do it right it could be waaaay more interesting.

Bull5hifT2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Ohhhh $H!T not again, i was hoping for a 5 Megapixel Camera that can record 720p Video at least at 30FPS, i wanted this to be everything i ever need in my pocket... I would pay $400 if it had an 8 Megapixel camera and Could Record 720p at 60FPS..... Ohh well cant win them all , this thing is pretty powerful, im Sure some modder with custom firmware can install a better camera for me and write some code to make it work, this sux.... I was soo Excited

Buho2671d ago

Not really important IMO. It's a portable gaming console, not a camera..

MaxXAttaxX2671d ago

You were expecting 8 megapixels and 720p recording from such small lenses?

Cameras can upscale to higher megapixels, but I prefer keeping the native size for better quality.

BitbyDeath2671d ago

@NathanExplosion, i believe Bull5hifT's post was made in sarcasm.

MaxXAttaxX2671d ago

Hmmm I got it now.

Sorry, that one bubble threw me off lOL

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Beetey2671d ago

Could I be any more excited for this system?

NukaCola2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Is this a Chandler Bing moment?

I am so excited, and every bit of news about it is great news. Not one thing about this system has disappointed me. I think it'ss probably going to be the greatest piece of mobile tech this generation. I wish this thing could get released so Sony could get my damn money already.

TheTwelve2671d ago

A release date would help me survive the wait better.

Burning_Finger2671d ago

Greatest handheld since gameboy??

2671d ago
theonlylolking2671d ago

gameboy sucked. The DS,PSP, PSV, and the 3DS absolutely destroy the gameboy.

rjdofu2671d ago

You must be a kid from this generation then. You would never understand the excitement when getting a Gameboy - the best handheld at that time.

TheCrazyMerc2671d ago

Kinda hoped for 720p video recording with a camera at least about 3-5 Megapixels, oh well though from what your getting from the Vita already I think its worth it.

Gran Touring2671d ago

seems like the same camera tech as the PSEye, which is good (at least in terms of resolution and frame rates, I could be mistaken). I'm sure it'll compliment Skype very well.

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