Sledgehammer Unlikely To Return To Action Call of Duty Title, 'Too Niche'

NowGamer: Sledgehammer boss Glen Schofield rules out return to third-person Call of Duty title.

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TimmyShire2556d ago

So, the only innovation they might've made they scrapped for... more Call Of Duty?


2555d ago
Feckles2556d ago

Sounded like a bad idea anyway.

jerethdagryphon2555d ago

so iw treyarch and sledge hammer all churning out more fps's

anyone interested?

madjedi2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

@jereth Maybe next gen after a totally new engine is designed and a cooling off period, where cod isn't on a yearly release schedule.

Whatever happened to the rumored space based cod, too radical for bobby's narrow minded focus?

Lol the most generic big title a developer could be involved with saying something is too niche, compared to cod alot of thing are niche, even if they really aren't.

If your not koei, atlus, nis and a couple of other small developers(usually but not always) japanese studios you have no authority to be talking about what is niche or not. Damn sure not something a cod dev, has any business referring to.

Da One2555d ago

but with the exception of koei, none of those devs you listed do yearly sequels.

We're still waiting on SMT:IV and Disgaea 3 was released 3 years ago and the sequel is finally arriving

DigitalRaptor2554d ago

Sadly, too many are interested in that regurgitated, mainstream pile of crap.

I'd take something niche, over Call of Duty any day. That's not how the investors and publishers think though is it? Shame on you Sledgehammer!

CrimsonSaber2555d ago

im down. love filling mr. koticks pockets

Relientk772553d ago

I wonder if they will stay with the shooter genre or try something else with their next game