SCEE’s Move Game is a “Large”, “AAA” “Character Action Game”

The PlayStation Move desperately needs some good Move-only games, desperately. Luckily, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are hard at work on a massive action game for the motion controller.

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firemassacre2390d ago

Excellent, i cannot wait to see what it is, the move has implemented itself in hardcore games but i would like to see a move only title.

thugbob2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


Finally a game that will demonstrate how a hardcore game that can only be used with motion controls is suppose to be done.

Sev2390d ago

Hopefully this is the Move game that will redeem it.

Iroquois_Pliskin2390d ago

lol at Kinect lovers disagreeing, please show your love for move and keep disagreeing

egidem2390d ago

This is good news. I've got a PS Move, played around with it but just couldn't jump into the whole motion controls movement because I didn't find the games entertaining (my opinion).

Hopefully this will get me a chance to use the PlayStation Move more often.

metsgaming2390d ago

so they write an article bashing the move with no good games and then they just happen to have an article right after with that very thing. Not a coincidence, its so obvious its laughable.

subtenko2390d ago

At least the move has tons of games it supports than its competitors. I see why they did it this way.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Flashwave_UK2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


doctorstrange2390d ago

This + Sorcery might save Move

firemassacre2390d ago

yes move is doing great sales wise but we need move only titles aswell, sorcery looks amazing aswell.

BigWoopMagazine2390d ago

Sure would be nice to have a reason to clear the dust off my move

Trexman892390d ago

original content is what Move needs....not just Move support in third party games.

fr0sty2390d ago

while I don't disagree that it needs move only games, I'm more than happy with move support as well, especially with the shooters. It really enhances them to me. Nothing like sniping and relying on my aim, not my ability to turn a joystick, to shoot.

JayD-1K2389d ago

I'm with you fr0sty!

i'm really hoping that, BF3 will support the MOVE/sharp shooter.

hilyou2389d ago

ya i like wat ken levine said with move, also if ur looking 4 games with move support such as shooters buy bioshock infinite!

T3mpr1x2390d ago

I'm going to remain skeptical until I actually see this game in motion.

JonnyBigBoss2390d ago

I'm dying for a Move game to play. I've been playing some Sports Champions and I can't get enough of the Move's accuracy. Table tennis for the win!

jukins2390d ago

so true even tho i liked move in killzone and a couple other games without sports champions I'd be very mad at myself for getting move.

jack_burt0n2389d ago

yeah virtua tennis is pretty good too, just abit limited because you cant use it in career mode.

move is great though.

AKA2389d ago

why dont you actually buy and play real life table tennis its much fun and is pricesless have a life!!

anticooper2389d ago

you do know this is a gaming site, so we talking about gaming not real life, i know it sounds weird:-) just so you know i play fifa on my console, and guess what? i play football in real life too, i know it sounds crazy but it is possible, you should try it:-)Peace:-)

Biggest2389d ago

What's the difference between buying a table tennis set-up and playing it on the PS3 with Move? One costs about $500 and can only play table tennis.

hilyou2389d ago

wats with da disagrees? seriously! hes just dying 2 play a move game, so why disagree!

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