RipTen Review: Inansely Twisted Shadow Planet (XBLA)

RipTen - FuelCell Games has created a fascinating, unique experience with their latest downloadable title, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. The game displays a beautifully artistic open world, slick menu designs, and some very interesting gameplay mechanics. However, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

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xPhearR3dx2664d ago

Another great game for the Summer of Arcade line up. Can't wait to check out Toy Soldiers though. That game looks kick ass.

xtheownerzx2664d ago

Hmm seems like this is something I'm actually going to have to check out this summer. Nice!

Batmau52664d ago

Great review, will look into this game for sure.

Cpt_kitten2664d ago

haha the last 2 SOA releses were great so far, this looks pretty sweet.....though i feel the name is to long but who cares

lochdoun2664d ago

Quite possibly the best Summer of Arcade lineup ever. (minus Fruit Ninja)