How to get into Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a game you may have heard of. It is a game you’ve possibly seen. And it’s something that looks like it stepped right out of the matrix. Certainly not the most approachable of games. But it is a brilliant game, well worth a play, and I’m going to see about helping you do that.

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Izowiuz2605d ago

Ah, Dwarf Fortress. One step closer to your insanity, fellow gamers ;)

Unbelievably fun game, when you find yourself comfortable with it's step learning curve.

malol2605d ago

played it
never understood it

Neckbear2605d ago

Play it again. Succeed.

Become a demigod with more skill than any human alive, one that has seen things no man should see...and felt things no man should feel. You'll develop wisdom comparable to that of Gandhi, patience much like Buddha and experience unlike no other. You'll also learn to appreciate ASCII. A whole lot, in fact.

It'll be just like losing your virginity, just like celebrating your 18th birthday or your graduation from college: It will be the day when you will stop being a child, and will become a man. The day when you will be able to walk proudly and tell the world "I know how to play Dwarf Fortress". It'll net you access to a whole new universe; a whole new way of looking at our very own.

Tr10wn2605d ago

so let me get this right minecraft was the first then came terraria with less graphics and now this with even less graphics? this genre is going backwards?

zatrox2605d ago

...Are you thirteen, or what?

Dwarf Fortress came out in 2006. It's been discussed to death ever since.

Tr10wn2605d ago

lol take it easy i could same the same about you, the reason i said let me get this right is because i didn't know what Dwarf Fortress was, i personally only play Terraria but i got some friend that are into these kind of games and i never heard them speaking of this game.

Ducky2605d ago

Minecraft was never the first.