Torchlight 2 will still support mods, LAN play, and will be a one time purchase

DSOGaming writes: "Well, it was to be expected. How could Relic Games attract more crowd? By simply providing what the others denied them."

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Myst2605d ago

Just need a release date...

SuperSaiyan42605d ago

For Diablo 3 that's like saying Dragon Age II is a replacement for Skyrim err hello?? Hell NO!

Diablo 3 will be miles ahead of Torchlight, Torchlight in its own right from having played the first 1 is a great game but do not compare it to Diablo. Diablo 3 is visually great, gameplay looks awesome and will be on a far far bigger scale than Torchlight 2.

Just give me Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3...I wanted both like yesterday...Lol.

JsonHenry2605d ago

Yeah, I want both as well.

GSpartan7772605d ago

Completely agree with this. Regardless of the lack of LAN and always having to be online, Diablo 3 will most likely still be a good game. Same thing happened with Starcraft 2 with the lack of LAN, chat channels, clan support and other features people wanted, yet it's one of the best selling PC games and has arguably one of the biggest online communities out there.

HaVoK3082604d ago

Releasing on the 360 as well.

PandaJenkins2604d ago

While I am still bloody hyped for D3, I feel like Torchlight 2 may end up being the true successor to D2. Runic games was formed by several of the founding members for blizzard north who made the original diablo games. And as torchlight showed, they captured the main elements while adding their own new flare onto it. As far as I am concerned as a D2 nut Torchlight 2 has my attention more currently.

pythonxz2604d ago

I love when the good players of a large developer leave and make their own studio. Then their studio shows them up and makes the look like idiots. Much like Free Radical which was formed from former members of Rare.