Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - Video Review & First 15 Minutes (Gaming Irresponsibly)

Lots of footage from Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a new release for Xbox Live

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agentxk2490d ago

I was on the fence... Sigh, Microsoft... Just take all my money, I don't need it anyways

disturbing_flame2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Well, it will maybe be an other overhyped game due to the fact it's a summer arcade exclusive but this time i will not buy it. I was very disapointed by Bastion. So no, not this time.

blitz0x2490d ago

Really? I heard nothing but great things about bastion. Im surprised

disturbing_flame2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Yes i was also very confident because of those reviews.
But i think this game is far from deserving perfect scores, imo.
Very basic game, repetitive, with no depth in its gameplay.
The narration is cool but with time it became very annoying...
Very overated in my opinion because of its nature of being in the roaster of the summer arcade. I thought really it was better.

For those reasons i will not take Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet by day one if it has great scores, i'll give it a try but for the moment this game doesn't make me want it.

blitz0x2489d ago

Well at least you have a decent overview and a first 15 video to check out. I still haven't played bastion myself but ill look at it harder

JellyJelly2489d ago

@disturbing_flame - Are you aware of the fact that all XBLA games have trial demos? I always try games before I buy them and will get the trial demo for this game just like I did with Bastion and From Dust.