Gaming Update: Square Enix Forcing Account Changes for FFXI

Japanese video game publisher and developer Square Enix is abandoning the PlayOnline game payment service in favor of an internal billing system, and is requiring all members of the service to transfer their accounts before close of business on 31 August 2011, after which they will no longer be able to access Final Fantasy XI through PlayOnline.

In this article Gaming Update examines the issues that have faced players through the years, the various payment schemes, and what is necessary to continue to play on the service.

Final Fantasy XI helped to pioneer a style of MMO gaming closely linked to console-style and is credited with helping to change both the technology of the MMO and player expectations for game world quality since its original launch in 2002.

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Myst2575d ago

Ah this is certainly more detailed than the last and shed some light on what I'd like to know. Certainly is interesting if Square is thinking of getting rid of XI and would be saddening but, I guess if by letting it go and focusing on XIV to make it better I suppose that would be cool. Gonna miss it though :(

koehler832575d ago

They're not thinking of getting rid of FFXI. They're getting rid of PlayOnline. So they need all FFXI players to create a Square Enix account and convert their PlayOnline account to their Square Enix account. Not a big deal. They've been asking players to do it for over a year now. They're just running out of time before PlayOnline is gone.