Female Shepard Model Similarities to Natalie Portman and Many More Celebrities

One very cool image has surfaced on the internet comparing the startlets and celebrities to the female version of BioWare's Shepard.

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Eternus2610d ago

I think it looks more like Rihanna.

evrfighter2609d ago

If there were a Mass Effect movie...I think Natalie Portman would make an awesome shepard.

gamingdroid2609d ago

I don't know, they all look like the same face with different hair color....

Fayulah2610d ago

Marsha Thomason or Gillian Jacobs Shepard's would be my choice :)

Tuxedo_Mask2610d ago

Except for Shepards 4 and 6 the only difference is the hair, but they compare them to different celebrities who look nothing like each other? The only two I even recognize are Natalie Portman and Janet Jackson.

Fayulah2610d ago

In my opinion Shepard no2 is same as Deborah Ann Woll :). At least it looks to me like a 100% similarity :), although that Shep would never be my choice :(.

news4geeks2609d ago

I don't see any resemblances.

Deputydon2609d ago

I actually think the Janet Jackson one is the best...

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The story is too old to be commented.