5 Most Overrated RPGs

411Mania: From Final Fantasy VIII and Super Mario RPG to Oblivion, World of Warcraft, Xenogears and more, the 411 staff ranks their 5 most overrated roleplaying games of all time! Check out the full article to see which games made their lists and why!

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NukaCola2491d ago

5.Earthbound- I'm fairly sure I just pissed someone who writes here off, but I could never get into Earthbound. It's an innovative concept for an RPG, but I wasn't a fan of the battle system, and the entire thing seemed more than a little childish to me. Maybe I just tried it too late in life to appreciate the style or something.

4.World of Warcraft- I know, I know, I was flat-out addicted to this game for over three years, like many people were and still are. Currently, they're trumpeting that they have over 12 million subscribers thanks to the Cataclysm expansion, and they've reigned unquestioned for their entire run. They were in the right place with the right franchise at the right time, and nobody's saying they don't deserve success. But there's a reason that I only played Cataclysm for a month and then gave the game up entirely. I'm not even saying that something like The Old Republic will knock them off the top spot. But really, in many ways, WoW is no better than any other MMO on the market, and in some ways, it's a pretty bad game, and as the years go by, they've gone to some pretty big extremes in dumbing down the game to keep people interested and attract new gamers.

3.Fable- Good lord this game is! Plus, the whole "be good or be evil" thing is a joke, you have to essentially murder everyone in every town in the game to be evil, and even then, doing the quests in the storyline can erase all your bad work in seconds. It may have gotten better in future installments, but the first one is just a case of unfulfilled promises helped by heavy promotion.

2.Chrono Cross- As good as Chrono Trigger was, that's how bad I find this game. It made no sense, it overwrote the entire story of the first game and made it worse, the battle system was silly, and of the forty characters, maybe five of them were at all memorable or necessary. I've played Chrono Trigger a dozen times. This one? Once. Barely.

1.Final Fantasy VII- Ooh, there it is. There's the one that sets off the Comments section. Don't get me wrong, FFVII was revolutionary and ground-breaking and sold a billion copies and was a pretty good game. But it's not the be-all and end-all RPG that a lot of people like to say it is. Hell, it's not even the best Final Fantasy game. But it's the one that gets half a dozen spin-off games, movies, action figures, and all the publicity. Plus I sort of blame it for moving Final Fantasy away from its fantasy roots into a weird sci-magi-tech amalgam.

NukaCola2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

^^^Here I'll save you the mess that the website is. I personally think this is poorly written and the first Fable wasn't overrated. None of these games are. Overrated is when a game receives an undeserved score or praise based solely on it's famed name or hype, ie RE5, GTA IV.

PhoenixDevil2490d ago

Bubbles man I could not navigate that website for my life

While I agree its not the best written article in the world it does raise a good point that a lot of the biggest RPGs just started in the right place at the right time, WoW and FF7 both are loved and praised so much but only coz they hit the timing right, I can't explain it very well. Probably best to say each to his own and the only way a game can be over rated is if gets hyped n hyped

consolez_FTW2490d ago

Exactly, this author is just taking popular titles to make hits for his website. I doubt much thought was put into this article becuase like you said NukaCola, these games aren't nearly as over rated compared to others.

thorstein2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I think the headline should read:

"5 RPG Titles We Say Are Overrated in order to get hits on our website and inflame readers."

DragonKnight2490d ago

How in the hell can anyone think Earthbound is overrated? If anything it's underrated. It's like Demon's Souls in that it didn't receive great reception when it was out, but developed a huge cult following because of how amazing it is. These people probably think FFXIII is a good game. Pff.

Legion2490d ago

Actually you only posted one persons view point of their top 5. There are 4 in total. Might want to post the rest if you want to save people the n eed to go to the webpage.

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F4sterTh4nFTL2490d ago ShowReplies(3)
Stealth2k2490d ago

1) Oblivion - The big world and graphics fools people into thinking the game is actually good. But when you start playing you find the gameplay, story , characters, and stuff to do in the world is all boring

2) Final fantasy VII. I dunno I got bored.

3) Fable- each game more mind numbing than the last

4) mario @ luigis bowers inside story - I felt like the gameplay and world were stripped

PhoenixDevil2490d ago

Have to agree about Oblivion 100% my friends told me how awesome it was and a few hours in with every convo being a static face with dry dialogue n nothing interesting happening I sold it. Hoping Skyrim will cure the combat mechanics and improve on Oblivion as I really want to like Skyrim

Drazz2490d ago

In 2006 Oblivion was unlike anything out at that time so it seemed very unique. So if u play it now it kinda meh.

Stealth2k2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Oblivion is basically a worse version of morrowind which is a better version of daggerfall

The gameplay and story and everything else is more or less exactly the same

Theres nothing unique about it.

Even the "ncps do there own thing" bit was first done by nintendo in majoras mask. And they were alot more unique and enjoyable

thorstein2490d ago


I hated Morrowind. Oblivion was a bit better. Is daggerfall really that bad?

forevercloud30002490d ago

Chime in all the FFVII hate because it is probably the most popular game to hate on simply because it is the best recieved RPG of all time regardless of all the others that many hold dearest in their hearts. If VII hadn't had so much overexposure with the spin offs I highly doubt ppl would be seeing it that way now.

Drazz2490d ago

It's still my number 1 all time, in '96 it revolutionized rpgs.

thorstein2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

"Of all time" ? It is a great game, I will give you that. But of all time? Dragon Quest 4 and 8, FF IV and III were pretty amazing too.

I just don't think there ever could be a definitive "best of all time." There are just too many great ones and all for different reasons.

Two of my all time faves are Shadowrun (SNES and Genesis versions) and Icewind Dale II. Of course, then there would be all the Baldur's Gate lovers. Deus Ex.... the list goes on and on and on.

This "article" is meant to just inflame readers into reading their site.

forevercloud30002490d ago

I said it was the best recieved of all time. We all know many have other RPGs they might have thought was better but regardless so many favor FFVII as their all time fav or close to it. Whenever something gets overwhelming love by the mass majority, many just want to tear it down and all of a sudden the product in question is less likable for that simple fact. FFVII isn't cliche and there really is no story like it but many would try and tell you so. The game's design was spectacular and while the 3D models of the game may not have aged as well as many 2D games, I think that is simply due to 2D chibis leave most of the design to the imagination. I personally find the epic block arms of FFVII as charming as ever.

DragonKnight2490d ago

Speaking as one who played the game around its release, I can say without jumping on the "i hate it because it's popular" bandwagon that FFVII is HIGHLY overrated. It's not that it's a bad game, it's just that so many games, even in the FF franchise, do what it does so much better. For me, it's the 3rd worst FF game ever. First is FFXIII and second is FFII (the real one).

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