The Risk of Ignored Excellence Threatens the PlayStation Vita

Kotaku: It used to matter whether a portable video game machine could fit in your pocket. The Game Boy was a brick, but you could jam it in your jacket pocket. The Atari Lynx was a small log, but ridiculous ads on TV showed it too could fit in a coat—probably as well as a smuggled carton of milk, if they were being honest.

We had the Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Micro and the ever-slimmer line of PlayStation Portables. The DSes were mostly pocket-compatible, until the Nintendo DSi XL emerged to threaten any tailor's best seams.

Today I believe we're past the pocket question. There are more dire matters of fit over which to worry. The PlayStation Vita, the most impressive handheld gaming machine I've ever touched, may squeeze into my coat, but I'm not sure it fits into my life.

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MultiConsoleGamer2582d ago

Portability issues and content that is the same stuff that people ignored on PSP. That's the Vita's biggest problems.

Of course we only have hints about battery life. That could also be a serious issue.

Unfortunately the world has moved on to mobile and even Nintendo is struggling. I'm buying a Vita on day one, along with as many games as I can afford, just to combat the mobile gaming future.

RedDead2582d ago

unemployment sucks...Hopefully some Psp games get released on it straight away aswell. Like Type 0

superadvanced2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

the world hasnt "moved on" to mobile gaming. unless they start making smartphones with real buttons and analog sticks, there will always be a market for portable playstations and nintendo devices. i was playing the game dungeon defenders on my motorolla atrix. it could actually be a good game if you could control it with real buttons. but the touch screen only controls are so fucking bad. ive played it like twice. nintendo isnt "struggling". just wait till the next pokemon. and the vita will explode once the first big name fps hits it. get real dude

gamingdroid2582d ago

Except it has!

A lot of people that normally would have bought a handheld are now getting their fix through mobile devices. The handheld market is shrinking for sure.

It might not be as good as a handheld, but it might just be good enough for the majority.

Skip_Bayless2582d ago

I'm not sure how much the iPad sold but people carry that overpriced device around a lot. And I think the Vita will fit in my pocket but I wouldn't because I will scratch it and might crush it.

STK0262582d ago

Except the iPad does much more than gaming, I for one think that gaming on the iPad is a mediocre experience, and I'd much rather play my iDevice games on my iPod touch. The iPad is nice for reading, web surfing (on Flash-less website of course) and can also be used for for school/work when you don't have your laptop at hand.

The Vita, just like the 3DS and the PSP, is a gaming device, gaming on it will likely be a very pleasant experience, however, doing anything else on it will also likely be unintuitive or troublesome.

Close_Second2582d ago

Vita needs a good web browser, apps marketplace and native support for standard video codecs before i'd consider getting one. Honestly, if its only about the game Vita will struggle outside of the gaming community.

I prefer tablet devices nowadays running Android.

Kyur4ThePain2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Uhm...the iPad is not overpriced when they can hardly keep up with demand, now is it?

TheDivine2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I do think they needed a vita that works like the psp go. That was biggest improvement ever made to the psp imo. Yea dd sucked but it was finally portable as in it could easily fit in your pocket and without the umds i dont see why they couldnt. I might wait for the vita 2 with hdmi out, slimmer design, and other improvements. Might wait for a 3ds redisign also as im busy trying to build a pc. It will be tough as its priced right and i friggn loved my psp. We better get cfw pronto so i can finally run ps2 games on the go (sotc, persona 4 and ffx/12 on the go)! I still have games on my psp like crono cross that have have yet to be released on psn. Btw its not pirating if you own the games.

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TBM2582d ago

i will never see mobile gaming on my phone as true gaming. as for the portability of the vita i don't have a problem there as i always carry my bookbag to work every day. so the system as the cards can stay in it while i work.

Kyur4ThePain2582d ago

Skipping a pebble on a pond is a form of gaming. Don't be blinded by technology.

TBM2582d ago

who's blinded i need buttons and a controller to get great gaming experiences phones don't offer that. finger swiping across some screen is retarded imo. my phone is just that a phone to me.

the PSV is the only mobile gaming device i need.

DragonKnight2582d ago

I saw that this was from Kotaku. So I avoided reading it like it had the plague. Thus, a new abbreviation for internet use is born. In place of tl;dr (too long;didn't read) I propose tk;dr (too kotaku;didn't read).

Agree or disagree?

Vita will be fine. It's already improved on pretty much every aspect that allegedly hampered the PSP and already has many a dev waiting to develop games for it. That's really all it needs.

bwazy2582d ago

I think "Kotaku" means Troll in Japanese.

divideby02582d ago

I read the article even though it comes from a site I have no respect for.. for all the positives the author whines about its size...psst..ipad and all the tablets are doing fine...

@ the price its gonna sell big time...Sony nailed it with the technology and price..

ease of development which is what we keep reading is going to ensure a lot of developer support.

Etseix2582d ago

let the Handheld come out for god's sake!

initial_kay2582d ago

let it hit the market before people alrdy shoot it down.... =

divideby02582d ago

sure they do... ill-logic, especially when it comes to a sony product

Dwalls11712582d ago

Your right...let the dam system come out before u hate on it...i think people are so but hirt 3DS,is such a failure they want to say vita will be one also

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