Lethal Enterprise - Free-to-play FPS from Red Orchestra's original producer, powered by CryEngine3

DSOGaming writes: "New World Interactive, a newly formed independent game developer based in Denver, announced today that it has licensed CryENGINE 3 from Crytek to develop Lethal Enterprise, a free to play FPS game about the drug war."

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ATiElite2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Come on not F2p!!

Just make a full fledge game and series. Man i was so happy to see a team member from Red orchestra using the CryEngine 3 but then my hopes were dashed by Free 2 Play.

I would easily pay $49.99 for a game from these guys cause Red Orchestra is so full of awesome. Oh well i will have to wait and see.....if it's a F2p game that will fund another project (which means Crap) or if it's a F2p Game for the long haul (which might be good).