Mouse and Keyboard or Console Control Pad?

The way a player controls the game they are playing is possibly the most important part of the game itself, maybe even more so than graphics and sound. The control method is the way a gamer exacts themselves on a game. Back when the games industry was coming into it’s own, whacky new ways to control games were not uncommon- the Power Glove comes to mind. But in this current generation it’s boiled down to two options: Mouse and Keyboard or Console Control Pad.

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ashbc2554d ago

I hope control pad wins this debate. I have played a fair amount of PC games but nothing compares to the natural feel from playing games on my 360.

TheDareDevil2554d ago

Yep. Holding that 360 controller in your hands feels awesome. The best thing about controllers is the haptic feedback that it gives, like when you shoot a gun in a FPS, the controller vibrates in tune with the recoil of the gun

gaffyh2554d ago

Mouse and Keyboard for FPS and RTS games, controllers for everything else. Mouse & Keyboard is just better in terms of response speed in those genres.

kneon2554d ago

Except for movement, movement always sucks with a keyboard.

Redgehammer2554d ago

Ugh, I can't stand feedback; however, to each, his own. I agree that holding the 360 controller feels great. In my 36 years of gaming, the 360 controller has caused the least amount of hand cramping I have experienced. Even if I didn't have a negative opinion toward Sony (the company, not PS3), I would have chosen the 360 because of its controller.

rabidpancakeburglar2554d ago

I know what you mean, I love using my PS3 and 360 controllers but the second that I hit my PC to try a game I can feel the RSI hitting within about half an hour.

vickers5002554d ago

I love my gamepad as well. Try as I might, I just can't seem to get the same enjoyment from my mouse and keyboard as I do from my controller, and I have tried (bought a pretty expensive gaming mouse and keyboard).

When I'm playing with a controller, to me it just feels like an extension of my arm and I'm so use to my controller that I don't even really have to think about the controller anymore, which gives me a lot more room to perform better on the actual screen. I also do not like having my arms spread apart in akward positions like m/kb requires. Kb/m takes me out of the game and removes almost all immersion for me, a controller on the other hand (since I'm so used to it) does not. I hope that problem will fade away though as I continue trying.

Obviously a mouse is much more accurate than a joystick, there's no debating that, however a joystick is just much more comfortable to me and I'm also a big fan of rumble as well.

I would game on pc a lot more if pc games PROPERLY (read PROPERLY) supported gamepads. Some of them support gamepads properly, like games such as fallout new vegas, grand theft auto, but others do not, and I do know about pinnacle game profiler, but that is not proper controller support. It only has the basic functions, but since the game isn't fine tuned to use a controller, it doesn't feel anywhere near the quality as if you were using the controller on the actual console.

This is all just my personal preference though. Neither controller or kb/m is "better" than one another, it's just personal taste (and no, you cannot claim a mouse is better as on objective fact simply because it's more accurate).

news4geeks2554d ago

Dude, the 360 controller is horrible. Clunky mess with imprecise analog sticks and slow awkward triggers.

Mouse + keyboard is superior for every genre apart from maybe racing and sports games and even then Sony's Dualshock beats the 360s abomination of a controller in these fields.

MWH2554d ago

Shift+Delete yourself will you, kindly? good.

Redgehammer2554d ago

Your opinion is valid only in the context that all sapient creatures opinions are valid. However, my equally valid opinion is the antithesis of yours. Maybe the Dualshock is good for someone with elf hands, but that is not me.

Redgehammer2554d ago

I agree. I was a PC gamer for 20+ years, and nothing has ever felt better to me than the 360 controller.

BeastlyRig2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Hmm I have played console shooters most of my life & now that I play on pc I can't go back!

Playing shooters with a controller makes me tap a little to the left then tap a little to the right to line up a shot! ugh..

I can't really check both sides of the room quickly..

I would say shooters are best on the platform it was created on..

There is a reason pc players are know to be better it's becuz of better tools..

smaller DOF slow turns & aim assist is just a draw back for me..

Plus aiming a virtual gun with my right arm is more immersive than aiming a virtual gun with my right thumb..

Look at BF3! It will be the best shooter in a while! And it's based around what platform? pc...

I can understand if players feel more comfy with a controller but K/M is just the most efficient..

Since the begining this is what controller were made for..


"An intriguing story has come to our notice, Rahul Sood, Voodoo PC founder and current CTO of gaming at HP, has revealed that a few months ago an interesting project was underway at Microsoft which would've allowed PC gamers to square off against console players. Well, the reason the idea of multi-platform online gaming never really materialized was due to the fact that during testing, the PC gamers cleaned Xboxers' clocks."


Remember this?

Redgehammer2554d ago

Thx for the reply
When I play FPS's, I adjust my sensitivity to match what would be my natural head motion and my thumbs never leave the thumbsticks. By pushing and pulling the thumsticks toward or away from each other, it is possible to do precision 180 degree turns, and other things a mouse enables. All it takes is practice for either input method; however, it seems to me the barrier to proficiency is lower for the KB/M than it is for the 360 controller. Incidentally, I only am speaking for me, and my experiences.

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billyboi1222554d ago

Like you said in the article, it largely depends on the game I'm playing. After downloading Team Fortress 2, using the mouse and keyboard has grown on me a lot.

For most games though, you can't beat a control pad. (IMO)

Fishy Fingers2554d ago

Depends on the genre. There's obviously a grey area, but say, FPS is far better with a mouse, or fighting games are far better with a pad.

Each to their own at the end of the day. There isnts a "winner" or "loser" here, lets not forget that.

vglulz2554d ago

Gotta agree with you here. Even though I think a pad is more comfortable for FPSs, you don't get that same level of precision.

arjman2554d ago

I couldn't believe the precision you get with a mouse and keyboard in FPS games like CoD and Battlefield, I can't play seriously with the pad anymore because of the lack of precision lol, I just can't do it!

ZeroX98762554d ago

fighting game = arcade stick for me!

GoldPS32554d ago

I grew up on controls and I will always prefer them. I tried mouse and keyboard but I never could get used to it.

Anon19742554d ago

I know what you mean. It's so nice at the end of a day to sit back, sink into my couch and just grab a controller. I used to game exclusively on my PC once upon a time and I can't imagine ever going back now. For the first time in years I grabbed a game off Steam. I pretty much have to force myself to play it, the keyboard controls are so awkward.

Fishy Fingers2554d ago

Should of just plugged a pad in, 360 or DS3 (with motionjoy).

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