Yet Another Battlefield 3 Alpha video from Rush Mode

Yet another Battlefield 3 Alpha video from the Rush Mode. This is a brand new video and lasts 3:36 minutes.

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Dart892340d ago

3 more months i can get through this:P.

Hagaf222340d ago

That video is horrible quality but man that map is SEXY!

BakedGoods2340d ago

This is shaping up to look incredible. I think this fall I'll skip fishing for cod. BF3!

john22340d ago

As EA is trying to take them down, please feel to report if the video is not working

treeson472340d ago

this game looks amazing, and i'm going to buy it, but i hope they give us the option to turn off the video distortion, it looks like its more distracting than a successful immersive feature. is it bothering anyone else?

SuperBeast8112340d ago

yeah almost like if you were a cyborg or something lol

Shackdaddy8362340d ago

I think that's just crappy video. lol.

lMHl2340d ago

I thinks its because its still in Alpha

I think I saw a Jet at 42 seconds

chak_2340d ago

there are no jets in rush.

Could be static animations though

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