Rage: Behind The Scenes 4 The Arsenal

New behind the scenes trailer for the up coming Rage talking about a few of the fun weapons that will feature in the full game. Rage is starting to look like a pretty unique game and I’m actually looking forward to the release. Watch the trailer below and enjoy.

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crematory2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

looks good,but the problem is releasing in the same day with RESISTANCE 3.
really hard choice:)

limewax2714d ago

Rage for me, Loved the original Resistance but the second wasn't nearly as fun to me

MidnytRain2714d ago

Both games look fun, but I need to experience what happens in my favorite single-player FPS. Also, RAGE releases on October 4th now.

MidnytRain2714d ago

By the way, my favorite single-player FPS is Resistance.

Mattlevin2714d ago

I'll probably get this over resistance i'm looking for a new series not a sequel to another. I might pick it up another day though.

lil Titan2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

gonna get both i cant pass up either, and really want if id lets other developers to use there engine. unreal engine is over used and really is a shitty engine

sickbird2714d ago

Yea why wouldnt you just get both? I kno I am!

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cooperdnizzle2714d ago

Cool getting this for my pc. Been waiting for years, can't wait. And on the same day i get resistance for my ps3! Hell yea. Then a few days later getting gears of war. Good month! )

wallis2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I really hope Rage brings the bacon to the table. I've always enjoyed id software's work and nothing makes me want to vomit quite like somebody dismissing Rage as just another derivative shooter. A pretty disrespectful idea considering they invented the fucking genre.

I also like that they're not bowing to the overwhelming sense of pressure the cod and halo generation has forced onto the industry. They're picking modern innovations that make sense for the game and leaving out some of the more arbitrary ones.

So they're including things like economy, upgradeable weapons, larger and more open environments, interactive npcs, ways to spend time in game outside of the main quest, ironsights, stronger presence of narrative and so on, but they're not just including everything for the sake of it.

(I'm looking at you limited inventory. You had no place in Duke Nukem Forever and you damn well don't belong in Rage. There's a time and a place for you and this isn't it.)

It's just such a shame that there is a colossal amount of retards who can't quite grasp the concept of an open game yet directed game. Not everything has to be linear OR open world/sandbox. I for one like the idea that a directed game doesn't have to be a corridor fest that's basically an on-rails experience.

It's not borderlands 2 (which might I fucking add doesn't even have a post-apocalyptic setting). It was never promised as a massive open world sandbox rpg and anyone who thought so did entirely on their own assumptions.

KeiserSosay47882714d ago

I completely agree with you. It looks as though id is making a very versatile fps whose SP portion will keep people's attention solely based on the amount of new things it will throw at you. I'm glad that the FPS genre is getting games like RAGE and Deus Ex: HR this year. They seem to be FPS on the surface but much more.

zero_cool2714d ago

id software normally make great games that are a blast to play & normally they end up a keeper in my collection!