Final Fantasy XIII-2: Has Square Enix finally cracked it?

Hands-On: RPG powerhouse moves to fix previous games' mistakes

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Darkseeker2709d ago

No they haven't. If they had, we wouldn't be getting this sequel.

Troll-without-Bridge2709d ago

He i talking about correcting mistakes in the sequel silly poster.

Also it shows that the article author doesnt know anything about game history.

Drekken2709d ago

Yeah, I'm sure miraculously SE learned how to make a good game all of a sudden this gen.

Optical_Matrix2709d ago

lol someone can't read English

CanadianTurtle2709d ago

Uhh no... Square Enix showing that they're making a sequel to the dreadfull FF13 shows that they're making an even worse name for themselves. I really do miss the times when Final Fantasy actually had characters that you cared about.

The cast in FF13 was good except for fucking vanielle who ruined it. FF13 is officially my most hated game of all time, and I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to hate games at all.

DragonKnight2709d ago

I'd say the only good characters were Fang and Sazh, Snow had the best theme though.

Anderson82709d ago

vanille?.. hope was far worse

VampiricDragon2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Like it or not ff 13 had an average score of 85 on gamerankings/metacritic. With these improvements its a 90 game now.

People are just bitter square has given 20x support to the handhelds this gen

Even just upcoming (considering this new portable gen has just started)

consoles: versus,13-2, dq X= 3

Handhelds: ff theorythm ff, kingdom hearts 3ds, dragon quest rocket slime 3, chocobo racing, ff type zero = 5

Thats the way its been this entire gen

DragonKnight2709d ago

It's because they suck at console games this gen and they know it. Handheld gamers are pretty easy to please because they have lower expectations of a handheld game.

VampiricDragon2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

false handheld games are just as good if not better than console games.And most of there handheld games have gotten supreme scores.

But costs, high attach rate, means handhelds are more attractive.

More like console gamers are bitchy moody people that cant be pleased

"Scale, content, quality. It's not the same"
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Find me another console game that has as much content packed in as dq IX or tactics advance 2, or 4 warriors of light ( 50-70 hours)

And scale doesnt equal better. I will take a game like the TWENY, which is like 30 screens. Over a boring open world with nothing to do and generic stuff at every turn

SephirothX212709d ago

You saying Crisis Core was a bad game?

DragonKnight2709d ago

Crisis Core was an excellent game, but seriously compare handhelds to console games. Scale, content, quality. It's not the same. SE have proven they've lost it when it comes to console games, and since handhelds are not expected to perform at the same scale of console games, it's easier to please everyone. There are great handheld games no doubt, but it doesn't discount that SE sucks this gen.

Baka-akaB2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

you are right , it's not the same ... it was actually better than most jrpgs released on home consoles , comparatively :p

DragonKnight2709d ago

"you are right , it's not the same ... it was actually better than most jrpgs released on home consoles , comparatively :p"

i agree, Crisis Core is better than most jrpgs on home consoles this gen. because SE suck this gen. but you have developers like From Software, Level-5, and Sega making excellent home console JRPGS.

Canidae2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

999, Professor Layton, TWEWY, Ghost Trick, Okamiden, and GS:DD prove otherwise. Especially TWEWY which is one of the best RPG's Ive played, period, on any console. And don't even get me started on the soundtrack for the game, which is easily one of the best for any game. I actually took the cartridge out of my DS, and looked at it trying to figure out how they crammed so much awesome into such a tiny package.

Baka-akaB2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )


Hardly the point i was going for joke aside .

It's easily one of the best because , suckage of XX or xx company aside , i feel that it could have easily been added as if , content and gameplay included as a ps3 or 360 game . Only of course wih better and more costly graphics .

Same goes imo for stuff like valkyria chronicles 2-3, WKC origins , and probably FF type 0 and quite a few ds titles .
Wich parts of Shin megami Tensei : strange journey arelower in standards and quite , aside from the obvious visuals ones ?

Those and others arent games with lower standards imo , nor lesser titles . They would easily fit in as they are , if only publishers were being cheap enough (not wihout the funds) to make them proper hd consoles games instead .

I think it will be even more apparent if they stick to handheld , but rush instead toward machines like vita , in the future

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zackacloud2709d ago

I bought FFXIII after 2 month of it release and rooooooooughly(I mean it from all of my heart) 'am in chapter 11, to right now I don't have any ability to continue it.

I can't stand up against it at all.

Anderson82709d ago

i doubt i'll ever have enough will power to complete it and i bought it day one

Baka-akaB2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

you guys need to realize that hardly everyone disliked ffxiii . Only a few were admantly vocal against it online and still are .

Maybe you will all awaken to the idea when you'll see XIII-2 being a big commercial success ... but i suspect that even then people will spin and weasel their way out and rationalize people buying the direct sequel of the game "everyone hates" !

DragonKnight2709d ago

A few? Wow you haven't been paying attention have you?

SephirothX212709d ago

I enjoyed it and finished it but agree that it isn't a great FF game. If you just play it as a rpg though, it can be entertaining.

Anderson82709d ago

ffxiii was a big commercial success so i dont see your point.. it wasnt a big critical success so it was more than a few who were vocal about it ...

xii-2 will probably be a big commercial success as well just because its a FF game and they always have good sales but that doesnt mean i or any1 else who disliked the first game will or should enjoy it

Baka-akaB2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

That's the part you wanna play with ?
Maybe i still understand some english and realize that a few is a pretty vague number ?

Or id i miss n4g and other forums total membership adding up to the FFXIII total sales and all of them disliking it ? Please... but i guess i'll just stop there , and stick with my point : not everyone disliked FFXIII , and there are people looking forward to a sequel , quite many probably (another vague notion), like it or not

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