Boosting - What is it good for?

If you have never heard the term, boosting is a way of getting together with other gamers to get achievements without actually having to do the hard work of earning them. For example, one achievement in Halo 3 is to get a triple kill (kill three opponents within four seconds of one another) in a ranked free for all game. You could do this by playing a game and trying to lure people together and then attacking them, or firing a rocket into a crowd of people, or a variety of other means. It may take a while but eventually you will get there. Alternatively, you could ask three people to stand in front of you and shoot them at point blank range.

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wil4hire4057d ago

Even I am getting sick of halo3 "news"

Thats all you guys have every day.. put up new news stories so I can troll those.

Charlie26884057d ago

Well my only experience with something related to people wanting help for achievements was on Gears were sometimes you were told by one teammate if you could exchange weapons since they needed that one for the achievement or help someone chainsaw or snipe someone else, since it was somewhat rare and probably all team mates asking were polite I helped

There were actually few situations in R6V were people talking about achievements on the lobby were kicked out O.o

kewlkat0074057d ago

as well as taking Steroids, really what are you accomplishing by taking the way easy route?

All my achievements have been earned the hard way [hardly have much], but then again it's not like I'm going for every one in every game.

I guess the more achievements the more skilled you look.

I notice playing folklore[ok so far] there is none. I wonder is Sony will have something.

NewZealander4057d ago

im sick of playing halo 3 just to hear b1tches wanting to boost, i get all my achievements legit, whares the fun of playing halo 3 onlie with a bunch of noobs that want to sit in a group in the middle of the play area and cheat to get killing frenzy (i got that legit too) kasperNZ

laryforlife4057d ago

first of all online achievements in any game is very hard and almost unrealistic in some games with almost no players. Sometimes boosting is the only logical way to get the achievements, but considering achievemtns don't count for crap, who cares if you boost.