Final week of Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta is the best yet

El33tonline writes:

"The Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta has been a massive success for developers Naughty Dog, with a download tally fast approaching the 1.5 million mark. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Thursday marks the end of the Beta for the PlayStation community."

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bwazy2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I'd get to lvl 25 for the bonus upon release (like $400 away), but I'm starting to shutdown my gaming life for a musically/ spiritual/ study time type o'lifestyle.

I hope that everyone who buys the game absolutely loves it.

Also, props to the guy for playing as Sully. I hope his moustache is an accessory to be unlocked ;)

despair2683d ago

ohh I think you're in the wrong place if you're trying to get away from gaming...temptation everywhere lol.

bwazy2683d ago

This site is pretty much my "weening off" phase. lol.

clearelite2683d ago

I had fun with this beta. I think it will be incredibly polished by the time it releases. I signed up for the Resistance 3 beta and have never played a Resistance game, so I can't wait.

I managed to cut back on video games by about 75% or so and leave plenty of time for studies, music, etc. I don't really watch much TV at all and skip most of the crappy movies, so I still have plenty of time to play games if I want to. For me, it was mostly about breaking down engrained and habitual behavior. Kind of like smoking or something, it is 90% mental, but obviously the mental is connected to a physiological aspect, etc.

ASTAROTH2683d ago

Im level 26 and Ive havent had enough time to play it but the game is really awesome... I love Uncharted 2 and at first I was kind of crittic with the changes made to Uncharted 3. Now that I get accustomed to them all Im going to say is good job ND. Uncharted 3 MP, just like U2, need time to differentiate itself from the rest and this beta just demonstrated that. Now Im anxiously waiting three things... the U2 purists... the haters... and Uncharted 3 single player campaingn!!

bacano2683d ago

I'm going back to UC2 MP. I've improved a lot with this beta.

r212683d ago

yup, loving the beta except for the new yemen map. so many bloody snipers, especially in the towers!

petko232683d ago

i love those snipers. they're the easiest kill. you just throw a grenade

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