Elite Content for Everyone and Bug Fixes in Hellgate: London

Flagship has released the patch notes for tonight's patch, which also includes a host of updates and fixes (including enabling Elite mode for non-subscribers!) coming in alongside the Guy Fawkes content. They apparently realise the need to have bug fixes as well as content updates, which is good news for their fans.

Here is a few highlights:

* Overall memory usage improved, especially in Stations. This increases client stability, reducing "memory exhausted" crash issues.

* Drones stats/items now save on logout.
* Drones now properly receive Armor and Shields when equipped with armor using the Armor Retrofit skill."

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Leord4062d ago

Used mirror link, as the HGL forum is closed for non-players.

Charlie26884062d ago

Sweet I think they are starting great :D now patch and fix all the that small annoying crap in the game and we are done :)