Burnout Crash will have Kinect support

From the article at Upcoming EA Xbox live arcade game “Burnout Crash” was just confirmed to have Kinect support during the EA Summer Showcase. There is not much info on the title yet, only that it will be an arcade game in which players have to deal as much damage in the world of “crash city”.

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kookie2721d ago

Yes i saw it at the conference

HSx92721d ago

Yes i saw it at the conference

Otheros002721d ago

Yes, kinect made it lamer and made the devs waste time implementing it rather than using that time to make the game better.

Camb316912721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Looks kinda dumb. Is Criterion even making this arcade title?

EDIT: Never mind i looked it up. It is indeed developed by Criterion.

Grimhammer002721d ago

I understand they were busy with NFS:HP....
But come on. This is lame.

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