KINECTaku: One of Kinect's Worst Games Could Be Getting a Sequel

KINECTaku has discovered a retail listing for a follow-up to one of the worst Kinect games released so far. If you like fighting and hate cages, this could be the game for you.

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MrSpace2668d ago

So out of touch with your fanbase aren't you Microsoft

Active Reload2668d ago

They base their motives to produce games on how much the games sell, not by cornball comments on websites. You're welcome, you've learned something new today.

Ravenor2668d ago

Hardcore = Flailing at a camera.

Active Reload2668d ago

Add the glo-stick to that comment also.

GusBricker2668d ago

Blame Ubisoft for this POS, not MS.

JellyJelly2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

No! It's M$ fault that Ubisoft developed and published Fighter's Uncaged! /s

Raven_Nomad2668d ago

Well it's a Kinect article, so expect idiot fanboys from Sony in here telling us what we should all think... SMDH.

Ravenor2668d ago

lol, I am the ultimate Sony Fanboy. /s

Come on, the first game sucked. Why release something directly attached to something so poor?

It sold well because there is nothing to play with Kinect, not because it was a hit with anyone.

FlashXIII2668d ago

Why do you presume it's Sony fanboys? For Sony fanboys it's more of a case of kicking something while it's down. I'd say the most outspoken against Kinect are hardcore 360 gamers.

I recently bought Kinect for UFC Personal Trainer. The technology is great but I don't ever see it catching on as a proper gaming peripheral. A nice bit of gimmicky fun and I'd say it'd be a great party piece if it wasn't for the fact for a lot of people it's just not feasible due to the crazy amount of room space it requires.

FlashXIII2668d ago

The worst kinect title? Wow that must have been BAAAAAAD.

andrewsqual2668d ago

Had to click the article to see what game they were talking about because its hard to tell with Kinect games what the shittiest one is.