SEGA, Konami also use permanent 3DS save data

In the midst of intense retail and gamer backlash as to Capcom's decision to implement permanent game saves for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D on 3DS, which makes pre-owned sales essentially impossible, it has been confirmed that SEGA, Konami and Aksys are also implementing the restrictions in their games for the handheld.

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longcat2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

there are to many gaming options today for this shit to get a pass

i hope this is not planned for vita

coryok2632d ago

from what i understand sony is offering cloud saving for ps vita.

makes it a lot harder to regulate save game data. how can you you say "no, you cant delete something from the internet"

ozstar2632d ago

So if you pirate a game, or maybe play an import copy, you can NEVER save it?

Jeez, that's a MUCH better alternative!

coryok2632d ago

@ozstar im not sure where you got that conclusion from. if you can connect to psn you can connect to your cloud, cloud space is finite so they have to allow you to access and change your data there

also, cloud saving is supported, its not mandatory. sony had said that people will be able to save on the game card and on memory cards as well

Der_Kommandant2632d ago

Please Sony, don't allow this shit in the precious Vita

coryok2632d ago

this is a nintendo problem, developers will use whatever tools are given to them. we need to yell at nintendo not individual publishers.

if we yell at publishers we'll maybe get one or two publishers to stop, if we focus all our yelling at nintendo we can get nintendo to stop allowing publishers to do this.

roguewarrior2632d ago

Don't buy games from those publishers. They'll get the message loud n clear.

lizard812882632d ago

naw, they be dumb, just like they were with the wii. if a game doesn't sell, instead of looking at their own product, they'll blame X console owner. all major publishers have done that with the wii at the failure of RE:rail shooters, MADWORLD, Dead Space Extraction, ect. Then they say, the wii isn't hardcore and then pull out.

ChronoJoe2632d ago

Only works on 3DS cause the saves are on the cart, so the games devs produce what the game reads from, and writes to. Rather than just reads from.

Wouldn't be able to abuse this type of thing on the Playstation Vita. Very unlikely anyway.