CVG - BioShock Infinite: Ushering in another leap in storytelling?

CVG - BioShock Infinite's Songbird makes the Big Daddies seem like little babies. Thirty feet of metallic, avian menace, the Songbird is the 'guardian' of Elizabeth - a petite brunette with space-ripping powers that belie her fragile appearance.

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-Mezzo-2603d ago

After a Remarkable "Bioshock" & an Average "Bioshock 2", i cannot wait for this to come out.

TheLastGuardian20102603d ago

Bioshock 2 wasn't Ken Levine was all 2K Marin.

So Irrational (Bioshock 1 devs) have never really stopped being remarkable.

femshep2603d ago

more torture =p can't wait for this game loved both bioshock's don't care how many people complain about two