AKB48's new video game called "too erotic"

Japanese girl group AKB48's new PSP video game "AKB1/48" has become a hot topic in Japan due to being considered "too erotic."

Taking place in Guam, the story unfolds with things like AKB48's members shaking their breasts while professing their love, with media dubbing it nothing more than a "titty feast."

Players are able to enjoy a kind of "AKB48 harem", featuring all of the girls. The aim of the game is to string along all 47 until you reach the last one to get a confession from her, making this the "ultimate love experience."

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Peaceful_Jelly2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Now, what was the name of that one AKB48 girl that is now a pornstar? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Pozzle2575d ago

I think you're thinking of Rina Nakanishi.

blackhammer2574d ago

That's pretty cool. hahaha

FLOWCity2574d ago

Titty fest?...Sign me up

longcat2574d ago

the world would be a happier place with those feasts

Lucreto2574d ago

They were mentioned on Sky News yesterday saying one of the members of the band is a CGI Avatar made up of features from other girls.

killerhog2574d ago

shit games like these is the reason why 80% of Japanese games do not get picked up or imported. Japans video game market is like the Appstore cluttered with crap before you can find anything good and no one wants to take the time to rummage

Miiikeyyy2574d ago

What a load of shite! I hate the world and the fact we objectify women.

blackhammer2574d ago

What do you expect? We're animals, not holy children. And women are free to choose not to be "objectified" if they want to.

Pozzle2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Yeah, but considering we live in a world where sex (especially the female form) sells, you can hardly blame them for feeling like they need to pander to the more base audience to stay relevant. Very few celebrities who don't fit the mould of 'sexy', 'cute' or 'appealing' exist in the Japanese music industry.

Of course, it doesn't help that many Japanese music companies put their girl groups under pretty harsh contracts that ensure these girls obey or get fired (and replaced) on the spot.
Most of these girls must be under a certain age (usually underage), must never been seen with another man (unless for publicity) because it ruins the fans' "fantasies", must always appear desirable, must release a certain amount of "sexy" promotions (magazine spreads, photobooks, posters, etc). If they don't agree to it, they just get replaced. They assume nobody will notice a replaced member since there are over 40-something girls in the group.
It's the reason things like "loli" are so popular in Japan. Young girl groups are often pushed into the limelight as sex symbols. And the girls usually agree with it because they're either too young to understand the implications, or because it's the only way to become famous and stay relevant.

Then there are games like this, which revolve around romancing 48 young or underage girls, that even the Japanese media gets a bit touchy about.

Lyr1c2574d ago

The "We're only animals" argument is BS no matter what you use it for.

Humans have a higher self awareness, including greater judgement and impulse control. We are NOT on the same intellectual/behavioral level as an animal. It's an excuse people use for convenience. If you truly believe that you're an animal, then maybe you should be treated as such.

In relation to the topic....It is what it is. Girls objectify themselves for money/attention/belonging all of the time. As long as this behavior continues, weak-willed men and perverts will always lap it up.

Miiikeyyy2574d ago

I love the fact that all the perverts are dissliking whatever is said that is againt this. There's alot more to life than sex, maybes people should understand that

Eamon2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

If we're animals, then we should act like animals like raping any female nearby or killing others for sport or living in the wilderness naked.

But of course, we're not animals. It's true that women objectify themselves into this sort of thing so we can't stop them. However, we can stop the capitalism behind it. Filthy men are getting filthy rich for extorting females in this way. All the girls go through harsh regimes to stay skinny or beautiful to keep their jobs and contracts and this probably turns most of them to addiction to drugs or drinking etc. Some may go suicidal, I don't know. But the best way to combat this are introducing laws to protect the dignity and health of women.

The business idea of "sex sells" is just greedy men throwing away any principle they had to make money by appealing to the lowest state of human beings.

Knushwood Butt2574d ago

Ultimately, the only reason we are here is to make babies.

If it wasn't, none of us would be here....

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