How To Continue The Mass Effect Series Without Ruining It

Geek Revolt writes "Recently Bioware co-founder Greg Zeschuk stated in an interview that they want to continue the Mass Effect series after the third game. This isn’t shocking; they’d be foolish to walk away from something so successful. There are right and wrong ways to continue a franchise. Here’s how they can give us more Mass Effect, without ruining everything they worked so hard to build."

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Nate-Dog2642d ago

Nice article and I have to say I agree with most of it, especially about the pointlessness of prequels (especially in a world as big as Mass Effect) and about Bioware needing to mix things up a bit and not stick to the same clichés and whatnot and usual "(almost super)hero of the galaxy". Right now I'm honestly not really massively interested in anything else just yet, I'm still very sceptical over Mass Effect 3 and what it's going to be like overall but time will tell I guess.

WhiteLightning2642d ago

All I want in ME3 is the option to have the same type of guns that were in Mass Effect. Thermal Clips are only a good option if you play a soldier and like to go in guns blazing.

So much for choices

femshep2642d ago

to late they already did.....more streamlining making it gears of mass effect and adding in peace mass effect you could have been the best if bioware wasn't a bunch of sell outs

Blacktric2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

With a name femshep, one might think that you know about Mass Effect more than most of the users on N4G yet you're also in the "let's throw mud at ME 3" crowd. Granted, Mass Effect had classic RPG elements like looting and much more points to spend to characters attributes. But did "streamlining" them took away anything from the epicness of the game? Absolutely not. Some people like yourself were just felt a bit empty while playing the game since things like inventory weren't exactly there. Yet you're making a big deal out of it like first Mass Effect was an isometric RPG with D20 rules. It was a RPG/TPS hybrid from the get go and Bioware just focused on the combat a bit more than they should with Mass Effect 2 and they seem to be adressing this issue with the third game. Calm down and at least wait for the release of the third game before making harsh comments.

femshep2642d ago

actually i loved the first game, yeah the combat was meh but nothing to take away from it, the only thing that kept me in 2 was the plot line otherwise i was annoyed at how i couldn't leave cerberus and i hated most of the new crew (legion, thane being my favorites)

and they showed they took out all rpg elements in the e3 showing after saying they were bringing them back....they had a master piece just like dragon age and they killed them both

bioware are sellouts and only have the old republic to gain my respect again

mananimal2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

agreed, also.... theres something called Principle, which is more important than a video-game, to stay true to ones personal convictions, having said this: the option for "homo/lesbo relationship options, and a casual Kinect Voice Command option;???...unnecessary and also doesn't do much to "enhance" CORE gameplay, so then it has to be a social and political statement Bioware/EA is attempting to force on gamers with the homo/lesbo option,cause gamers NEVER ASKED for this. I won't be bullied by Social Elitetist trying to force their corrupt social views on me., A game is just that, a game,but "principle" is more important and superior in every way imaginable. There will be no compromise, don't need it, and can't do it, period .....No Soup For You Bioware/EA! closed.

Blacktric2642d ago


I agree with you on how Bioware concentrated on showing combat related features in both E3 presentations while leaving RPG related ones. But from the company viewpoint, I think they did it since most people on the Xbox Press Conference was interested in action, etc. To be honest, you can say what you want about Bioware and I'll agree with you after I see what they did with Dragon Age 2. They have a great action/RPG franchise like Mass Effect and more of an old school RPG one like Dragon Age: Origins. And they just completely destroyed the Dragon Age franchise by making the second game a Dynasty Warriors clone with a weak ending.


I really don't care too much about Kinect integration. I mean, let's be honest, it looks cool and would've made sense if Kinect wasn't 150 bucks. But you can't really say that it alters the gameplay for gamers like us who's gonna play it with a controller or mouse/keyboard. It's just an extra feature.

consolez_FTW2642d ago

yeah, hopefully they bring back some heavy RPG elements to ME3. ME2 felt more of just an average TPS with a cool story IMO.

TheDivine2642d ago

I want a promethean prequel but i guess we all know how it ends. That didnt stop reach from having one of the best endings though so maybe it could work. Theres so much lore in the series that they could use for all kinds of spin offs. I hope it doesnt end after me3 but i hope they respect the ending of this story arc.

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