An Unprecedented Look At Project Dropship, Square Enix LA’s Canceled Game

Siliconera - Earlier this year, Siliconera revealed Project Dropship, a canceled project from Square Enix’s Los Angeles studio. We shared concept art of two characters, the space pirate Wilson and Lynn, a pink-haired girl with goggles.

Our first reveal didn’t do Project Dropship justice. The space-western meets Smash TV style shooter was considerably far into development and we have screenshots from a prototype version of the game.

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TheLastGuardian20102608d ago

There are certain games that make you cry that a concept as such could be cancelled.

Then there's a certain game like this one, that makes you simply say "meh", and move on.

keith-ps32608d ago

it would have made a cool psn game for like 7.99 5.00 ps+plus

zerocrossing2608d ago

Well now Ive seen it I want it, That's no fair.

Spenok2607d ago

Huh, i wonder why they canceled a game that was obviously so far along. It looks like it could have had a chance of being a fairly decent title. Though i agree with Keith-ps3 that if released it should have been a Downloadable title.