CVG- Dragon's Dogma: Is Capcom conjuring a sleeper hit?

CVG: "Just when we thought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dark Souls had tied up our next twelve months of fantasy RPGing with a neat little bow, Capcom had to go and announce a project that has clouded our crystal ball somewhat.

The game's positively bursting with promise. It's a pure blend of Capcom's Monster Hunter and Lost Planet, and sees one nameless hero on a crusade across vast ancient lands to hunt down a malevolent dragon. So far, so brain-shrinkingly obvious. But on the other hand, while most RPGs would be content with throwing you up against goblins, orcs and the odd towering troll along the way, Dragon's Dogma has far greater ambitions."

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NukaCola2253d ago

Game gives me a Demon's Souls vibe, but with mythical creatures. Looks pretty cool.

Godmars2902252d ago

Demon's Souls *IS* a game with mythical creatures. Only these aren't as darkly themed. Also you can jump on them.

And I'm calling jinx: you can't call a game a "sleeper hit" if it not even out yet.

Voxelman2252d ago

Considering that it is CAPCOM's most expensive game to date I think they wan't to conjure more than a sleeper hit.

TheLastGuardian20102252d ago

Agreed. Why they are deeming this game a sleeper hit, when it's meant to be a game of the year type of game (at least to capcom, and the budget, and the pedigree of the developers behind this) is beyond me.

OhReginald2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

gonna wait for Super Dragon's Dogma: Arcade Gold Edition to come out

Simon_Brezhnev2252d ago

get ready for the DLC rape.

VampiricDragon2252d ago

nope its basically one of the most generic titles Ive every seen

art style- dull
combat- dull