A Different Perspective: Should the 3DS Get a Price Drop?

With the PS Vita's cheapest model scheduled to debut at $250, it would seem that dropping the 3DS's price would help Nintendo's cause. But would that really be for the best, or could it end up damaging the 3DS's image? GP investigates the situation and shares a unique perspective from a business angle.

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bwazy2409d ago

I'd say so. The only reason I haven't bought one (since Ocarina was released) was that it is the same price as the Vita...

That and I've vowed NEVER to buy a system on the account of only one game... Although it is fricking tempting. However if they did release the Windwaker for the 3DS i'd be on that like a Monkey eating a banana

StbI9902409d ago

Doubt, 3DS doesn't have enough horsepower to do just that which is also a shame.

longcat2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

"Think of Apple, which sells its products at a premium price; wouldn't you consider them crazy to lower the price on one of their products (such as the iPad) only months after its debut?"

Erm...correct me if i'm wrong but didn't apple do just that soon after the release of the initial iphone even though sales were good?
one reason they did it was because the future of the company became intrinsically tied to the success of the product.

GamePodunk2409d ago

Yes, you're correct on that point.

The main gist of that statement is that Apple (or any other company) generally doesn't lower the price so soon after a product's release. The first generation iPhone in particular was a bit different; as you mentioned, the success of the iPhone became tied to the future of the company.

There were a few other factors playing into that price reduction as well, such as the fact that the iPod Touch was a cheaper alternative and Apple wanted to close that gap a bit. Also, nothing like the iPhone really existed back in 2007. There were smart phones, but nothing was quite on the same level as the iPhone, therefore Apple could lower the price to be more affordable for consumers while not coming off as desperate, and that strategy worked in the long run.

So outside of the iPhone scenario, that statement from the article was used to imply the fact that dropping a price too soon is most commonly seen as a weakness and/or as a desperate measure to try and regain lost sales. Nintendo doesn't want to imply that the 3DS is a weaker system than the Vita, or that it's not as good by dropping the price because it would hurt their image among consumers.

It'd be similar to Pepsi trying to undercut Coca Cola by dropping the price of their soda by $0.20. They might gain some more sales for a time, but people will continue buying Coca Cola anyways; they don't need to drop their prices at all because they'll still be on top no matter what.

longcat2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Fair enough,but i think nintendo has to swallow their pride a bit here.

Nobody, expected a $250 vita. Certainly not me.
I think they got caught off guard.
their handheld division has kept them afloat even when the consoles suffered and in my mind, they are risking a lot with this strategy.

Just_The_Truth2409d ago

i wish nintendo would have went without the 3d and focused on the hardware. There may have been two analogs or something to set it physically apart from the original DS.

Foxgod2409d ago

After trying it, i can say that people who dont care so much about specs (general consumer, woman, young people, older people), will look at the vita and say, it doesnt have 3d, il get a 3ds instead.

Personally i am a specs guy, but the 3d effect is really cool, so i decided to get a 3ds now, and a vita as well when its out.

I think the 3ds and the vita will both sell great, vita will do well with core gamers (guys in the age 15 ~ 35), and the 3ds will do well with the general consumer (woman, young people, older people (40 and up)).

coryok2409d ago

i doubt that nintendo can drop the price much without loosing money on every hardware sale. they can probably only go as low as 179 and still make money on every sale, but anyways... a price drop so soon? its only been out for 4 months, they cant drop price that soon lol

it has been doing pretty bad though, averaging only 750000 sales/month since release, still trying to get past psp sales after release sales slowed. its had somewhere around 60-70k (worldwide) sales every week for quite a while, needs to get some games out sooner rather than later lol.

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