Nintendo says one Wii U controller per console, robs player two of extra screen

Engadget - Nintendo's tablet-esque Wii U controller raised a few questions when it was announced at E3. Questions like, "What kind of crazy games are going to use that thing," and "How much will a second controller cost me?" The latter, at least, has been answered. Nothing. You don't need one.

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Shackdaddy8362405d ago

So is that 4 controllers technically allowed?

coryok2405d ago

ya, looks like it, though it looks like they wont be usable outside of what a regular wiimote offers

matey2405d ago

they need to support 2 controllers 4 fifa/pes ect or they will fail

AEtherbane2405d ago

I imagine its going to be like initially, until third parties and time eventually reduce the price of the controller enough for it to be commercially available.

AWBrawler2404d ago

It's crazy how many people think it will only use one WiiU pad per console for it's entirety. I guess he haters don't like to read. Cos how more blunt can you get than this:Nintendo's Satoru Iwata recently said in an interview that games enlisting more than one Wii U controller aren't being considered just yet -- although they are possible.