ARS - Duke Nukem Forever: barely playable, not funny, rampantly offensive

ARS - In the first few moments of Duke Nukem Forever, your character pees in a urinal and then earns an achievement for reaching into a toilet and extracting a piece of human excrement. Why does the game reward you for doing this? I have no idea. It's not part of a joke or important to the story; the designers of the game apparently feel that you the player would miss out by not holding some poo in your virtual hand.

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The Meerkat2739d ago

Rampantly Offensive?

15 years ago it would simply have been called bad taste, you saw it and either laughed or didn't. Then you moved on.
Nobody took offense!
Offense was something that was reserved for the likes of Mary Whitehouse.

DeadlyFire2739d ago

Whiny little bitches.

A game in development for 15 years is always gonna get a bad wrap. Expectations are so high. Its never gonna match them like that. What I hope for is a sequel to revamp and improve Duke even more in a shorter development window. That would equal huge success if done right.

Pozzle2739d ago

Ouch. I'm starting to feel kinda bad for the makers now. I know Gearbox should have tried better if they wanted a better game, but I remember before the game out how Randy Pitchford genuinely thought they had made a good game. It must suck having so many people saying your work is actually shit.

Though the reviewer brings up a good point about the map. It's funny that a game that came out in 1993 is much more exploratory than one that came out in 2011.

Soldierone2739d ago

That was most likely just marketing on their behalf. From what I have seen this game was tossed together as fast as possible, probably using interns or newly added members.

You see all the studios churn out stuff like that unless they are smaller like Insomniac or Naughty Dog, where the interns and new people work on smaller portions of the games.

Duke has a name, people are simply going to buy it for that name. They could of tried to make a groundbreaking game, but nothing would live up to the years it was supposedly in development so why bother? Reviewers were going to destroy it one way or another.

Pozzle2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

True, but Randy said in many interviews that the reason his team picked up Duke Nukem Forever is because he was a massive fan of the original games.
Even though it was tossed together fairly quickly after the original cancellation, I think Randy really believed they had a great game with DNF.

TimTebo2739d ago

Err..what are you talking about?

Gearbox didn't make this game, 3D realms (the company that shutdown from bankrupcy) did. All Gearbox did was aquire the Duke Nukem rights, and port what the 3D realms team did over to the ps3/360/PC.

So, leave Gearbox out of this. 3D realms are the ones to blame...if you really want to blame anyone for a game that is older than my house.

NYC_Gamer2739d ago

i blame gearbox for picking up the rights and releasing this 50% done project

Soldierone2739d ago

That makes no sense. Even if its entirely true they should still have quality control over the port. Its them that released the title and its them making money off every purchase. They deserve to be blamed just as much as anyone if the game does indeed suck.