Kinect Sparkler, Kinect Fun Labs, Kinect Me, And More Leaked

More leaked information is surfacing from the Xbox 360 press event.

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Wizziokid2628d ago


Abash2628d ago

MicroSoft's announcements are getting ruined

nilamo2628d ago

What is there to ruin?

fr0sty2628d ago

Not as much as their announcements are going to ruin them.

WhittO2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

They arent exactly big announcements tbh.

They must have something else, Sony will be giving alot on NGP, Nintendo prob all new Wii 2 & Games etc, MS will prob have one big exclusive, with like GTA being atleast timed exclusive or something.

MinusTheBear2628d ago

God there is way too much emphasis on Kinect and it just started too.

GusBricker2628d ago

It hasn't even started. Their E3 conference doesn't start for 2 hours.

Focker4202628d ago

Its funny that no one believes me but they actually have 2 conferences. Today on spike will be their first. Then tomorrow on G4 after Nintendo's conference will be their second. I got a ton of disagrees the other day but if you don't believe me take a look for yourselves.

Zir02628d ago

Seems like Kinect Fun Lab might be their App Store

VampiricDragon2628d ago

I think halo 4 and kinect balance out to nothing.

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