Kinect with Game Gets Huge Discount Right Before E3

Could it be a sign of a price drop for Kinect? Right now, you can get Kinect for the Xbox 360 with Kinect Adventures for only $109.99 and FREE Shipping. Just before E3.

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Anon19742600d ago

Little early for a price cut, isn't it? I thought Kinect was going gangbusters? The 360 is certainly selling well since Kinect was released. What gives?

Morbius4202600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

It might be your loss. I've heard Move enhances the gameplay quite a bit. Just saying Waseem.

the_best_player2600d ago

no hardcore games yet if ever

user8586212600d ago

shame I dont need move since I can play killzone, socom with a dual shock :).. ahhwell sonys loss

cochise3132600d ago

I'm still not sold on it yet. That horror game
me seems promising though.

BeastlyRig2600d ago

Kinect 2 announcement maybe?

gypsygib2600d ago

With the current line up of games, even if Kinect cost 50 bucks I still wouldn't buy it.