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kevnb2723d ago

wow, thats damn good this soon into release.

BeastlyRig2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

That was only the first week!! they just announced it!


DeathMetal14742723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

This is how you do it. 2 patches in a week, retail edition is $50 and comes with more stuff than most collectors editions, NO DRM, Free DLC. Well done CD Projekt Red, well deserved. Bring on the expansions! PC FTW!

pr0digyZA2722d ago

Hope expansion is announced at e3.

nightmarex1212723d ago

probably not included steam sale either.

Inside_out2723d ago

I'm sure " if " it's ported properly, the 360 sales numbers should be quite good for a highly rated RPG such as Witcher. They say it will be the same on 360 as on a PC with High settings...same as Crysis 2.

I'm sure M$ will have a live game play on 360 reveal at E3...can't wait.

BTW...November is going to explode with all the games coming out in that month. I smell some delays on the horizon.

Enate2723d ago

With high settings where did you hear that exactly? I just watched the gog announcement. An I did not hear them say anything about it being equal to high settings on the PC version.

user98412882723d ago

I doubt that's true. Even with no AA a draw distance of nothing and at 720P I just can't see the 360 being able to handle it on high.

kevnb2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

crysis 2 looks worse than pc on low, I expect witcher 2 to be no different. Witcher 2 on high uses 400 mb of vram, so yeah...

caboose322723d ago

They never said the settings would be "high". What they said is even with the game on low settings the art style still looks amazing in the game. So I would assume the game would be at about medium/low settings on console, and it honestly still looks amazing on those settings.

KeiserSosay47882723d ago

Dude BC2 on the LOWEST settings looks MILES better than its console counterparts. How would a game that looks better than that (the witcher 2) run on high settings on my 360 with less than a gig or RAM? Makes no sense.

awi59512723d ago

I dont think the xbox guys can handle this game this game is hard even on normal.It takes a long time to kill bosses they take alot of hits they block all your blows. And with the amount of nudity in this game i think its going to get cut. The us isnt ready for a game like this they will have a hear attack.But if the supreme court verdict comes before this game launches and it bans the cali law it will be ok.

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SuperSaiyan42723d ago

This is one of the worst RPGS i have played this gen and you lot are praising it? Terrible control system, gameplay and no tutorial its shite!

DeathMetal14742723d ago

obviously too hard for you go back to COD.

awi59512723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Another noob dragon age 2 fan. Go back and play your dumbed down hack and slash dragon age 2. Bioware sold out get over it maybe you like that crap but i like some challenge in my games. I dont like all that damn hand holding of dragon age 2 and lazy game makers that make you play the same dungeon over and over again. And FF was linear and sucky 2. Everyone is out to make a quick buck and putting out crappy RPG's. This is the best rpg in years your just a noob.

gypsygib2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Oh, that's why it's being released on 360.

Not trying to troll but these AAA games cost so much money to make that 400k the first week isn't enough anymore, as sales tend to drop significantly after the first week.

I was hoping more for around 700-800k which would make a mill in 2 weeks easy, now it looks like an uphill climb.

Consoles are needed to bump up sales.

DeathMetal14742723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

of games on consoles that don't sell well at all. The first game sold well over a million and the withcer 2 cost them 11 million to make. The games do cost money but most of it is spent on the marketing. Look at blizzard, they make a shit ton of money and are PC exclusive. PC exclusives can do well if they don't dumb them down for consoles or have crazy stupid DRM. Dragon Age 2 on both consoles sold less than this in it's first week.(Deservedly So)

Max_Dissatisfaction2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

So according to you, it takes 1 day to decide to make a console version of a game(something that was rumoured over 10 days ago) based on sales plus have a trailer and announcement ready on the same day?
inFAMOUS opening week, 275 went out to sell 1.95 million copies so far.
Uncharted Drake's Fortune opening week, has now sold 3.64 may want to rethink your logic

caboose322723d ago

Get outta here console troll! Before I slay you with my silver sword!!