AFL Wii: Screw Soccer, This Is Aussie Rules Mate (Hooked Gamers)

Barry Hall has just taken a specky over opposition defender Matthew Scarlett. He goes back to line up for goal. The seconds are counting down. The crowd is tense, but screaming madly at the same time. A goal here will win the game for my beloved Western Bulldogs and do something that they’ve not done in real life since 1954... win an AFL premiership.

AFL Wii finally gives Wii owners a chance to live out some footy fantasies from the comfort of their couch. Footy fans with other platforms have been able to play AFL titles for some time now, but it is only just now that AFL football has arrived on the little white console from Nintendo. And you wonder why it has taken so long. The Wii, with its motion controls would seem a perfect fit for Aussie Rules Football.

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