Otaku Gambit: Square Enix: Future Uncertain?

Otaku Gambit writes: Square Enix, formerly known as SquareSoft, and the new owner of Eidos,. is the team of RPG giants that created, among other things, Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana (a.k.a. Secret of Evermore), Kingdom Hearts, and the lesser-known titles that are not known to some people, but still two of my favorite games by them: The Bouncer and Bushido Blade 2. Known for their Final Fantasy games, among others, but every person has their favorites by this company.

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just_sayin2675d ago

I got a game for SE to make it'll sound crazy but hear me out. How about a game with a boy with spike hair team up with a duck and a dog whose king is a mouse. The weapon should be a sword but shaped like a key. I would call it kingdom hearts 3 for fun. Made exclusively for ps3 that should make some money.

agentxk2675d ago

SE seems so into revolutionizing the RPG that they lost sight of what made them awesome to begin with

Balflear872675d ago

Wada is the whole problem here i'd say