Sony’s 12 Month Identity Theft Program Now Live

In checking a few emails tonight we were graced by a nice little email stating that Sony Playstation’s new identity theft 12 month program for active users since April 20th, 2011 is now live and ready to be subscribe to.

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Joni-Ice2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

YES! Thanks Sony!

DatNJDom812764d ago

Damn too bad PSN store is still down. I want to sign up for this as well as get the Lords of Shadows dlc as well as the Dynasty Warriors dlc. Anyone else has PSN store down?

r1sh122764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

This is the only compensation I even care about.
Forget free games, Sony have handled this as best as they could but they could have avoided it by not suing Geohot.
All of this down time to make a point which ended up costing them over $100 million.

I know Im gonna get disagrees from the loyalists, but even they should know its true.

r1sh122764d ago

oh yea and if you dont believe that sony will continue paying for the lawsuit against geohot


"Sony has been hacked for the fifth time in four days"

bwazy2764d ago

Still no love for the great white north eh? I'm really disappointed.

trounbyfire2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

remember that guy that was all "my SS# is blank and here is my service to protect you personal info, well his SS# was used in fraud multiple times after that and the government shut him down and he is in jail for fraud because you can't protect anything that is digital or electronic

point is crap happens, we choose this digital lifestyle and we live with it everyday

Red_Phoenix2764d ago

Let's say one day your identity does get stolen, God forbid, would you rather:

a.) Have your life ruined and be in debt the rest of your life because of some people who stole your identity?

b.) Have everything covered through the 1 million dollar insurance plan that this identity protector offers?

I think everyone would choose option b, seeing that its free for 12 months and totally worth it!

feelintheflow2764d ago

Not entirely acurate trounbyfire, but your point is well noted.

dragonmoony2764d ago


But I won't be needing it Sony ^^