Developers Make PS3 Look Bad, We Don't

"Ultimately, it's developers on a budget (be it time or money) that are making the PS3 unable to play ported Xbox 360 games as well as the Xbox 360. It's a development industry doing what they can to make money using development models from 10 years ago, when they clearly no longer apply. Could Sony have minimized such problems by designing a platform more like the PC or Xbox 360? Sure. Should they have? Who knows? But fanboys, please, please cool your jets. If no one calls out the bad ports, then companies will just keep sweeping them under the rug and you will keep buying them, helplessly trapped by your pocketbook or meaningless brand loyalties to own one console". - Kotaku

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Boink4068d ago

Sony designed the system, maybe if sony had made better tools, and not used hardware that nobody knows how to use, they would not be stuck.

I don't fault the developers for doing what they have to do to make money, it's why they are in business.

The 360 may be easier to program for, but MS also sent people out to help devs get used to the new platform, show them the tweaks and tricks and such. They also made tools that are easy for devs to use, and it makes sense as MS is obviously a sofware company, so the system was designed from a sofware point of view.

Frag Monger4068d ago

I agree completely, Boink. 3rd party devs are in the business to make money. If developing a PS3 game costs them twice to three times as much as developing a 360 or Wii title, then the choice of where to invest their time/money becomes obvious.

The PS3 may have a powerful CPU, but Sony did not prepare the devs for the difficulties of programming for it - nor do anything to alleviate the cost of developing for it.

This is why the PS3 is struggling a bit & why Sony has, literally, pleaded with 3rd party devs to not abandon the PS3.

ATLRoAcH4068d ago

For being innovative.They did something different than everyone else and are distinguished from the group.I'd rather a game be delayed than turn out to be a rushed piece of sh!t.Madden I kind of understand the release date but skate and others should been more attended to.They should do like other multi-plats and build the PS3 version separate (COD:4,Assassin's Creed) and then they would end up with a good product.

Watkins4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

But if they do use old technology and structures that is very common in the industry, wherein will the interesting bits about THAT specific console lie? Should all consoles be the same and not have any differences? I don't think so. Consoles need to be good at different things. The hardware market needs new technology to advance. I do understand that the developers just wants to make money, but I defenitely wouldn't blame Sony the way Boink seems to be doing. If we wanted to play computer games on a console. We could just plug a controller into our computer. I like new technology that has advantages in areas my PC doesn't. Ofcourse developers want to develop as cheap as possible (PC structure, they're all the same) and earn as much as possible.

But in my opinion, consoles NEED to be very advanced to last longer (Look at the PS2). The Cell for example is very complex and won't be fully utilized in a couple of years still, because when launched, it was ahead of its time (took years to develop the CPU alone, there HAS to be a lot of tricks unused still). Whilst the x360 will be tapped a lot faster, cause it was launched with a common structure that all PCs use, and there actually isnt that much to tweak in the console. For all we know, x360 is already maxed out, while we've just seen the beginning of what the PS3 can do.

I don't intend to be pro either side, even if I do own a PS3 and not an Xbox360, this is just my HONEST oppinion, this is what I believe. Please respect that.

Marceles4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

..the 360 was the first next-gen system out, and it had its share of problems, but no one cared that much because at least the graphics looked better than its competition: the ps2 and gamecube, so they saw "promise". Once the development got together for the 360, they're pouring out good games now. Now that it's the same situation for the PS3 and want to see it succeed, people can't even wait and want everything now. It's like everyone this generation had a Men In Black laser shot to their face and forgot everything in the past. The devs always can make a system look bad, and then reviewers see how the development for a system is and completely bash it until it gets that one Holy game, then everyone jumps on its bandwagon until another system can show it up. It's been a tough road this year with everyone jumping on the PS3's case, but I don't think it's been all that fair either with how it's relentlessly bashed.

jackdoe4068d ago

Did you even read the freaking article? He was saying that they, Kotaku did not make Lost Planet look bad. It was Capcom. It has nothing to do with Sony making any sort of statement like that.

tplarkin74068d ago

Remember Xbox 1 and PS2? Developers didn't have any issues with porting PS2 games to Xbox 1. In fact, Xbox 1 games ran at higher resolutions and smoother frame rates.

There may be more transistors inside the PS3, but it's clear that the hardware designers did a bad job. It's like an architect designing a house with no doors. You have to climb into a window to get in and out.

bluebrad19744068d ago

I completely agree boink. What's sickening is that sony's motivations for the ps3's architecture are so blatantly obvious. In house engineered cpu (Cell) and an in house movie format (blu-ray) is obviously more important than gaming, but excellent for sony's hdtv, movie, and home theatre divisions. The problem isn't the devs the problem is that sony handed devs a homemade VCR and told them to figure out how to make games for it. Bubbles for you boink.

S1D3 EFFEC74068d ago

Better development tools = more time concentrating on things that matter, like making the game fun for instance.

Richdad4067d ago

Firstly its that bad port on PS3 have near about vanished now. Also it was Sony to create a hardware with not enough software backing like for example Intel focussed on software backing for core2duo and they gain the lead again from AMD. Also we take a look at the other side of the coin, its hard for a developer to focus on all different platforms where every console is equally dominant, not all developer are made of money to do so, this is one reason for ports of games are not appearing on PS3.

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Foliage4068d ago

"A true PS3/360/Wii fanboy should be complaining louder than anyone else when a bad game hits their console. Never be insulted by talk; be insulted by the guy stealing your money."

If only xbots felt that way about their RRODs.

mboojigga4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

You know what I find funny about these types of comments. The fact that you have a PS3 that is very very reliable and a 360 that yes MS has stated that the system has issues. Why, WHY do people continue to buy the system with issues vs the reliable system with no issues?

Friends list

Just a couple of reasons I can see why people still get the system and the system continues to outsale the PS3. It doesn't matter if someone RROD and had to buy a new 360(although MS covers this) the fact is you see where the loyalty lies for the fact that games come out on the 360 and they are good games. The 360 has the highest attachment rate vs the other 2 consoles. The Wii sales moreconsoles(where are the games for that thing) but look at the software attach rate for both systems.

feejo4068d ago

I don't see any problems just check my blog and you will see how much games in end of 2008 there will be. I don't ask myselve any question about ability for developpers: YES THEY CAN make alot of games. Better than Xbox, we need to wait for that.

CaliGamer4068d ago

Same thing I have been saying, Madden is a good example of this. Both systems got screwed in their own way, but people were still gloating about what version was better, all the while EA was just sitting back collecting their cash.

Its cool to have debates over what system is better, exclusives, etc., but when it comes to bad ports, all gamers should be up in arms regardless of what system they own. It is obvious that the PS3 is a very capable system that has gotten some half a$$ed ports, and I am all about letting the developers know this, what I don't understand is the people who enjoy seeing this and throwing it in PS3 owners face just because they own a 360, knowing that if the 360 got some bad ports they would also be upset.

Sony has a hand in this, and I think we have seen a change in their attitude lately as to how they relate to developers, but the developers hold a large portion of the burden. I haven't really gotten upset about bad ports seeing as how the PS3 is only a year old, but at this time games released on the system ports or not should be identical or better than the 360 versions.

Consumers have a responsibility too, we need to demand better products from these developers also (I'm talking to all you Madden fans). Roster updates and miniscule control enhancements do not justify releasing a new full priced game each year, despite that people continue to buy Madden year after year.

mgbass134068d ago

Yeah really. If MS had no 3rd party support the whole RROD would've ruined them. Just goes to show you, you can have junk hardware with a decent CPU, but as long as you have the games, you have the people buying it. I mean, wrap it in a towel? That's unexcusable. Sony created a platform that gives developers the ultimate freedom to create any size game they want to. Unfortunatly they can't figure it out yet and are more worried about money rather than creating something revolutionary. Good article, though. Give these devs another couple months, these same problems appeared at PS2's launch, although they were solved much more quickly. I have faith in Sony, the playstation line has done more for gaming than anyone besides Nintendo.

Ravenator5294068d ago

You're right. They took a page from Sony's book when designing the 360. It's funny how people forget that the most successful gaming system in the history of video games (PS2) was plagued with the dreaded DRE, or to spell it out.....


Microsoft pushed faulty hardware to get on the market first. Just the same as Sony did with the PS2.

Dlacy13g4068d ago said developers are more worried about money rather than creating something revolutionary. Umm....well they are a business after all...they are in this for the money. Contrary to popular believe all these guys may have passion for video games but they make them and sell them to make money. And if the design of a system is limiting or cutting into that profit more than another console...well then they are going to tend to design games for the one that makes them money. It's simple economics.

ATLRoAcH4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

I'm not saying your wrong about the "disc read error" but my PS2 still works great(doesn't play some cds).My PS2 was my first and only DVD player until I got my PS3.Thats one reason I think Blu-ray is important to the PS3 because now I won't need a Hi-def player and not only that but my PS3 also upscales my DVDs up to 1080p.Last generation a friend of mine had every system(XBOX,GameCube,and PS2).First his Xbox went out followed by his gamecube.But his PS2 he got used from a friend of mine who had taken it apart multiple times and kept in the back of his truck throughout the winter still works.My friend despised the PS2 at first but now he knows what true quality is.My friend has still not stepped into the next generation but when he mentions getting a 360 or a wii I just remind him of old times.Sony is pure Quality.

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